Call It What You Will

Associated Press

It is no secret that I am a fan of Peter Sagan. It’s not just because he is an incredible bike handler and rider, or because he took the time to send me a signed photo a few weeks ago. I have been following him since his birth into UCI. A powerful sprinter, Sagan brought so much excitement to the sport and, at first, rubbed people the wrong way with his victory salutes. Like I said then and I’ll I don’t mind repeating it now . . . if you don’t like the way he celebrates (looking right at you Cavendouche), beat him.

In today’s event, I had a feeling. It started when I spotted Sagan just floating in the peloton, as if to say, “Don’t mind me. I’m just barely hanging on.” There should have been a dark cloud behind him or a pale horse running along beside him. The most interesting thing about this rider is that he is having so much fun. He’s not prideful. He doesn’t wreck people on purpose (still looking right at you Cavendouche). He seems to be a genuinely good guy. It is evident that he truly loves to be on his bike; it is more than just a job.

Now, I will have to disagree with the commentators about one thing that was said about Sagan: if he loses some weight, he would be a GC contender. Come on, fellows. Sagan was top three multiple times in the Tour de France and won the overall Green (when it was set to be slanted again his style and make it more of an “even” competition this year) . . . and here’s the kicker: he did it all with any team support! He had to beg, borrow, and steal the whole Tour, mainly because Saxo was too wrapped around the axil about Contadope. Now, you tell me (especially after today’s performance) that if you wad a nicely-built team around Sagan and they know without a doubt that they are there for him what do you think could happen? Sure, he has areas he can work on in the climbing department, which will cause some weight lose, but for the love of Pete (pun intended) that is like adding another weapon to a soldier who is already standing there with two assault rifles in each hand and a flame-thrower strapped to his back!

I can’t wait. We are just seeing the dawning of this rider. He’s coming . . . and hell is coming with him!

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