This is not Normal

Exterior_635611675157792565I have traveled quite a bit and plan on doing more. I have stayed in some dumps, especially back in the day when money was a little more tight. At this point in my life, I even splurge a little on higher-end bed downs. Most places are relatively the same . . . same little soap, same little coffee pot, same towels, same furniture, same continental breakfast . . . well, you get the idea.

My wife and I find ourselves in Huntsville more and more these days for family reasons, and we have discovered the unusual. I really don’t know if this is the “norm” for all of these Marriott hotels, but Springhill Suits near Providence is such a perfect home away from home that I had to write a post about this particular one. So why spend my time writing about this? Because it’s rare. What is rare? Keep reading.

Today, I am seeing more and more businesses who only want to reach the lowest point of expectations, just to get by. Complaints? No matter. If you don’t like it, move on down the road. The customer is not a priority, for the most part, anymore. Service has lost its definition. This is not the case with Springhill Suits in Huntsville, Alabama. We started using this hotel when it had just opened for business. Of course, I was thinking that it was nice because it was new, and the newness would eventually fade away. Nope. We’ve stayed there numerous times since that first experience, and it is still the same.

Upon entering, we are always greeted with friendly attendants who are more than willing to do anything possible to make your stay a nice experience. The lobby is clean and fresh; even the elevators are spotless and pleasant. Of course, the rooms are what it’s all about, and they do not disappoint. Attention to detail is the reoccurring theme at this hotel. Let me list just five things that I haven’t seen elsewhere, even in the high-end hotels:

  • a tiny box of foam earplugs on each bed-side table
  • the ends of the toilet paper are folded to a point
  • the hand towel by the sink is folded to appear as a shirt and tie (yeah, you might have seen this before when you first check in, but it’s done at every cleaning)
  • pillows that are fluffed and placed back onto the couch (in the sitting area) in an orderly fashion
  • the shower is wiped dry and shower glass squeegeed

Attention to the tiny things is a way of showing the customer that you care. If a business cares about the small things, the big things are bound to be good as well. The general manager is Edyta Hall, and the front office manager is AJ Battle. From my perspective, these two individuals must not settle for anything less than perfection. If there is any problem, it is addressed immediately and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction . . . what? The customer? Yeah, it’s not normal, but it is at this hotel.

So, will you ever be in Huntsville, Alabama? It’s possible and should be a spot on the map to stay if you are passing through Alabama. The U.S. Space and Rocket Center is incredible. The Monte Sano State Park is gorgeous (especially in the fall). The Harmony Park Safari is really cool and fun for the whole family. And do not miss the Lowe Mill Arts and Entertainment experience. To wrap up the whole experience, stay at Springhill Suits near Providence. You will be pleased.

Gastronomy_635611675145604831         Room_635611675160448866    Room_635611675137792181

All pictures are courtesy of Springhill Suites.


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