Doing What I can Do

As many of you who have followed this blog for sometime know, I love to read. This is so much so that I taught literature for many years and am now in the library at the high school where I work. It is no secret that funding is almost non-existent for libraries in many, many parts of the country. So I came up with an idea: combine cycling with fund raising!

The event is planned for November 10th. I will ride my bike from the parking lot of the high school to the state capitol, about 112 miles because of the safer route. I hope to ride with a local bike shop as my support vehicle and get donations either per mile or just straight donations. I started a Go Fund Me to help kick things off. It would be a great help if readers could post my link on their Facebook account to get the word around. My goal is raise $5000 to buy library books, so that we can update our collection with more current books that students like to read. Heck, you could even re-post this to get the word around also. 🙂

Thank you . . . and as always BON VELO!


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