Everyone knows that during a single stage in the Tour de France that there is a lot of down time for the viewer. For me, I do chores around the house, popping my head up every now and again, or I sit with with my tablet and look up teams and statistics, or I read a book. This year during, what I call, the Descent of Sagan I decided to try to contact him. Why not? While he’s sitting on his top tube and screaming down a mountain at speeds that make me sweat sitting on my couch, I sent him a message.

As those who read my blog already know, I am a firm Peter Sagan fan. He’s good for the sport. He’s laid back and has fun with what he loves to do. Yes, I got quite frustrated this year when Tinkoff Saxo continued to huddle around Contador and leave Sagan to fend for himself. How did the best rider on the team handle it? He put in massive amounts of effort and bummed off of other teams for a slipstream, usually finishing many stages in the top 3 and the top 5! Oh, and he won the green jersey . . . again.

Now, it took a while to find someone to email. Yes, I knew that it was in the middle of the biggest cycling race in the world. I did some digging and emailed someone whom I thought would give me the best chance of making contact with Mr. Sagan. I made the email kind of short and sweet, but it told of how much I respected him as a rider and how cool it would be to have something signed for my office. Yes, I know I sound like a goofy 12 year-old, but truthfully I don’t care. I sent the email and heard nothing in return . . . until. I went to the mailbox, just yesterday, and found a strange postmarked letter from Italy. It’s been weeks since the Tour and completely forgot about my email. When I opened the envelope, this picture fell out. Low and behold, just like his riding, Peter Sagan came through. It’s being framed now for my office (surrounded in a lime green matting).

This is what cycling needs. What did it hurt for Sagan to send that? Although I was shocked to see that the postage was over 3 euros to mail a simple picture. As a side note, I emailed Greg Lemond during Paris-Roubaix and received a reply back: Send whatever you want Greg to sign and he will be glad to do so. Just don’t forget to enclose the postage. Hmmmm . . . I’ll pass. Sure, he probably receives many requests, but that it why you pay a publicist. Have a few pictures. Sign a few, and send them to your fans. Cycling needs GREAT representation right now, more than ever. I’m adding something to my bucket list: chat it up with Peter Sagan one day . . . heck, I’m really gonna reach. How about a ride, Peter? I wouldn’t be shocked if he agreed to do it! After all, he’s my favorite Slovakian.

Bon Vélo

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