Tinkoff Saxo and the Delorean

 It was all the rage in the 1980s. Gull wing doors and futuristic interior, not to mention it took people back to the future, the Delorean was the quintessential flash in the pan. From 1981-1983, the car showed major flaws and eventually died on the production line. The V-6 motor was terrible. The assembly of the car was shoddy. It became cool to look at, but the design flaws sent it to an early grave. Enter Tinkoff Saxo cycling team.

Building a team around a V-6 rider (Contador) that runs on high octane fuel and runs like garbage when he’s not fed the right “mixture” is ridiculous. For the past fifteen stages, Peter Sagan has been a one-man team. He has no lead out train. He’s in the mix for almost every stage victory, but where is his team? Yes, he did have a tiny bit of help on Stage 15 to get the sprint points, but other than that, Tinkoff has been AWOL. The team owner, Oleg Tinkov, placed millions into a team that works individually. Maybe he could spend a few more dollars and have a video feed on the Tinkoff Saxo bus, playing a loop of Lotto Soudal or Giant Alpecin and demonstrate to the team what a lead out train suppose to look like. Where is the team when Sagan is fighting in the front? Oh, that’s right. They are in the back, nursing Contadope up a Cat 4 climb. If I can see this, the whole world can.

 The accomplishments of Sagan during the Tour de France are mind blowing. No, he hasn’t won a stage, but he has accomplished what he has (basically a top five in all stages thus far) by bumming off of other teams and riding smart. Like Jens Voigt stated during Stage 15: “When Peter Sagan was created, the mold was broken. There are no more riders like him.” Peter Sagan needs to be on a team that dedicates itself to him. He’s only 24 years old! Could he be a GC contender? With the correct team and a different training mind-set, I believe he could. Maybe Sagan is satisfied with the green jersey, but I don’t think so. He’s said multiple times that he wants victories. He’s young and hungry. Feed the beast!

Creating a team that looks good and is filled with great egotistical, non-productive talent dies on the production line. What is the point of having something that looks fast and bulletproof, but has too many internal flaws? Ask John DeLorean.

6 thoughts on “Tinkoff Saxo and the Delorean

      1. Right now, if it could happen in an instant, I would send him to I AM or MTN . . . they are hungry and have a really good base of riders. They just need THE rider.

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