Enough Already!

 From what I see is that Direct TV, Cadillac, chocolate milk and Heineken Light are the only sponsors of the Tour de France. Allow me to reference the first one. I have no idea what kind of advertising agency made off with thousands and thousands of dollars from Direct TV to come up with Hannah in three shots: lying in an obviously uncomforable position in the surf while talking to a horse and a goat, bathing a horse in the surf, and sitting in the shade with a horse. I am a very straight up, staunch, and proud heterosexual male, but geez Louise this is nuts. I surely hope that the Tour de France has more sponsorship that this!

I get it. I really do. Sex sells. It’s been proven. For instance, a few years back, a Toyo Tires commercial had a man and a woman all over each other in the rain while hunkered down in an alley; this goes on for quite a few seconds and then . . . Toyo Tires! Wait, what? The only people that Direct TV is reaching at this point are perverts and 13-year old boys. Like the previous Hardees commercials where a woman is licking and eating a hamburger with sauce smeared all over her face, this shows one thing: your product is not good enough to sell to the public, based on the quality of your product. You have to bury it in a campaign of sex, just for people to pay attention to you. Sad, indeed.

I have a unique idea: be creative! If you are an advertising agency, be proud of your job and the work you do. If you are a product manufacture seeking public attention, pay for quality advertising. Quit looking a pie charts and who will buy what if you stick a woman, who is half naked, beside your product that has absolutely nothing to do with the product. Want to sell suntan lotion? Okay, put her there. Want to sell vacation spots? Okay, put her there. But for the love of all things holy, have a reason for exploiting the woman . . . because that is what you are doing. No, I am not a male feminist (actually far from it), but I detest stupidity in any form.

Okay . . . gotta go now, the Tour is back on.


6 thoughts on “Enough Already!

  1. Ha I think that must be the ads for whatever TV channel shows it in your country… Thank god in the UK it is mainly ads for cycling holidays / cycle shops/ cycling equipment. No exploitation and actually pretty useful!

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