This Just In: Cavendish Races for . . . Cavendish

noun team·mate \ˈtēm-ˌmāt\
: a person who is on the same team as someone else

As with any two-year old, any attention is good attention. Case in point for Mark Cavendish who at the beginning of the last year’s tour wrecked himself while attempting to wreck someone else in an early sprint. Well, now it’s a new year and a new tour. Here we are again. Yesterday, at the end of Stage 2, Mark Cavendish sits up after seeing that he’s beaten at the line and loses the yellow jersey for his teammate, Tony Martin. Just like last year, it’s obvious on the video. He did not throw his bike. He raced for Cavendish. The team car had told Cavendish the crucial seconds involved and the importance of at least taking third.

Racing is racing. If someone gives absolutely everything he has and loses, you cannot blame anyone. The effort shows someone’s true self. The fact that anyone would give up when so much is on the line has zero defense. If you have followed my blog for any time period, you know that I am NO fan of Mark Cavendish. He shoves security guards out of the way (who were just trying to keep the crowd back for him), he’s a dirty rider (last year’s tour), and as always he races for Mark and only Mark. To add insult to injury, he calls the media imbeciles for even thinking that he did something wrong. News flash, Mark: the tour is being videoed. You, Mark Cavendish, glanced and saw you were beaten and pulled up. It was at that exact moment when Fabian Cancellara took third. YOU lost the jersey for your mate.

Tony Martin had a reason to be disgusted at the end of the race. The team director has a reason to be disgusted. Yesterday’s stage was probably the ONLY time that Tony Martin will even sniff the yellow jersey. His mate sat up when he realized he was beaten and didn’t even try to throw his bike. When you have friends like that, you don’t need enemies. Bravo, Mark.


6 thoughts on “This Just In: Cavendish Races for . . . Cavendish

  1. It didn’t look good that’s for sure! I don’t think Cavendish has been totally happy since he had an entire team built around him at HTC back in the day (well he was probably happy enough with Sky’s pay packet).

    How close was the finish though! Great sprinting!

      1. No almost about it . . . watch the video. When his head turns and sees he’s beaten, he sits up immediately; that is why his team manager et al were so upset with him. And you know when Bob Roll and the crew is calling you on it (even Jen), it’s ridiculous.

    1. Absolutely! I’m taking nothing away from Greipel. He’s a monster. It still amazes me when he or someone else beats Cavendouche that the commentators are amazed, like something’s wrong with Cavendouche . . . yeah, he’s been handed his rear end! 🙂

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