Froome or Contador or Nibali or Quintana? Or . . .

 I cannot contain my excitement anymore. The Tour is coming. The hype is building. A strong field awaits. This year’s course is relentless. The colossal and looming mountains will devour many, many of the best riders in the world. And of course, the winds of rumor and fact begin to swirl and blend.

One of the first and foremost questions being asked and debated is if Alberto Contador will double. No, he will not. There. I said it. The field of the Tour is much stronger than the Giro, in the fact that El Pistolero has more to watch than only one to two people like he did in the Giro. Also, doubling after such a strong previous effort, in a place like the Tour with this “climbers” course, takes such a dramatic toll on the body. Tinkoff-Saxo is no slouch team. They have the fire power to protect Contador, but this will not be his Tour.

May I just go ahead and discuss the giant elephant standing in the room? Yes, the news has already discussed it, but it picks up a new wind as the Tour approaches. Froome missed a dope check. He gives a “my bad” reason. From his inhaler issues to health problems to now this, I think that Chris Froome is not a viable candidate to win. I am not going to discuss all of the parallels between Lance and his wife to Chris and his wife, but they are strikingly similar. I am personally tired of anytime the Tour, or cycling in general for that matter, is brought up there is doping in the discussion. It will eventually destroy professional cycling as a sport if drastic measures aren’t taken . . . much like professional bodybuilding did in its rapid death beginning in the late 70s and 80s. Is professional bodybuilding still there? Sure, but it is not on any major sports channel. Even the year’s newly crowned Mr. Universe doesn’t make the news anymore. But I digress.

All of this brings me to the other two factors in the pack: Nibali and Quintana. I’m not saying that either will definitely win. Nibali has loads of experience and talent and is an intimidating force. He’s got all of the tools for this race, and the course seems to fit him. He’s been there done that. I would not be surprised at all if he is not draped in yellow throughout this race. Then there is little Quintana. He is an absolute monster when the elevation kicks up. I’ve heard that many think that Quintana is riding very well, but there is the question of his being able to control the “largeness” of such a race with little experience. Just between you and me, I’ve got my fingers crossed for him.

Sure, there are others. There’s always a dark horse. Who do you think the field should keep an eye on, not being mentioned in the news?



17 thoughts on “Froome or Contador or Nibali or Quintana? Or . . .

  1. Or….the biggest DB of the peloton, Alberta or #JuiceBoy. Froome has to be one of the most ignorant men in cycling. Talented though. Can climb like nobody’s business. But he runs his mouth and looks incredibly stupid most of the time. Alberta, one of the biggest cry baby’s in the peloton also has enormous talent, but is a whiner. Something that is sort of a typical M.O. of most Spanish athletes. Then we have Nairo. Who at 125 pounds or so puts out power that is seemingly UFB. When he won the Giro a few years back, you would have to be a comlete moron not to know he was on the micro juice.

    They all still are, which is okay in my book, it’s just that some teams are doing it better than others.. Makes for great racing and theater. But as far as each of their personalities go…ugh. Froome besides being a huge dickbag, has got to be one of the most boring guys in sport. Makes Kimi look interesting! Alberta is typically vague and so uninteresting as well. At least Quinta is a happy go lucky bloke. Always smiling, upbeat, good for the sport imo. The peloton severely LACKS real personality, entertainers. Which at the end of the day is ALL pro sports are- entertainment.

    No real rivalries, no emotion, no flash. In big time pro sports, I want entertainment in addition to epic performances. I can only hope that there are lots of fireworks in the TdF, hopefully there are some great battles on the roads of the Nederlands and France! Let’s hope contador doesn’t make it a snooze fest…and run away with it (not that it would be truly indicative of just his talent- but rather his micro doping abilities as well) Let’s hope some of the other contenders microjuice as good! I love the Tour and this one on paper promises to be a spectacular race, so here’s to July and monumental battles in the mountains! Vive Le Tour!!!!!! #LegalizePeds

    1. Wow! Great reply, EM! I concur with everything. The micro dosing is ridiculous. It’s the 21st Century for Pete’s sake! Looks like the UCI, if really serious (not), would do a “one and done” policy. Wipe the boards clean. People like Contadope wouldn’t keep resurfacing.

      1. I think the UCI is not unlike Fifa in many ways. Corrupted by money and politics (what else is new in the 21st century?) Doping will always be a factor as long big $$$ is on the line.

      2. A shame really.
        I just watched a GCN video, uci BANNED riders from sleeping in RV’s. No shit, I thought it was a joke. #UciSuckDick

    2. That sums it up nicely! I too hope that Contadouche doesn’t run away with it and make it boring. I’d put my money on Quintana or Froome. There’s less TT miles this year, which (as much as I like TT stages) keeps things more interesting in the fight for the leader’s jersey.

      1. Yes, my $$$ is on your opinion that either Nairo or Froome will win. But I also would love for Nibali to get in there and shake things up…make those other guys really work for it! I like the ‘Shark’

  2. I’m not sure about Quintana. He is a great rider, no doubt. But will he have the support of his team to be the favored? If so, will he be able to pull it off? Regardless of the outcome, I just hope that whomever ends up in the yellow jersey is a clean rider… but we all know better than that.

    1. Yeah, Steve, it’s hard to believe that is the main thing on the mind of fans. Sad. You’re right. Quintana doesn’t the firepower of other teams, but we’ll have to see when things go vertical. He has raced well with that team this year, so we never know. Thanks for the comment!

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