Cycling’s Seven Deadly Sins . . . or things you just shouldn’t do

  1. WEAR A PRO TEAM KIT/GC WINNER’S JERSEY: Nine out of ten riders who do this can’t ride well in the first place. It’s embarrassing. Put your team SKY jersey in the bottom drawer, until team SKY calls you. You might have the same bike, shoes, and helmet, but you don’t have the same legs.
  2. LISTEN TO AN MP3 PLAYER IN A GROUP RIDE: It is rude for starters, and it is dangerous, not being able to hear what’s going happening around you.
  3. SPORT A MOUNTAIN BIKE HELMET/ SHOES WHILE RIDING A ROAD BIKE: Know the difference, if you are serious.
  4. WEAR BIBS ON THE OUTSIDE OF YOUR JERSEY: Needs no explanation . . . you definitely get noticed though.
  5. NOT HYDRATING: Drink often and drink what will help . . . plain water is no good in taxing heat. Plain water acts as a diuretic.
  6. ROTATION TO THE . . . BACK: Be able to pull in the front. Don’t work your way up in the slipstream to third wheel back and suddenly drift to the back. The same three dudes can’t do all of the pulling. Pull, even for a little bit.
  7. NOT PUTTING IN YOUR TIME: Have fun but work hard on the bike. Group rides are great, but you can’t “sit in” all of the time and expect to get better. Do interval work, and search for interesting ways to train in magazines or the Internet. Cross training is also very beneficial.



22 thoughts on “Cycling’s Seven Deadly Sins . . . or things you just shouldn’t do

  1. I am not entirely sinless…I still wear my MTB helmet. Please don’t hurt me! I am working on buying a new helmet but I can’t decide on what color I want. I know that is a really bad excuse but it is the only one I’ve got 🙂

    1. Don’t worry kiddo. I wore a mountain bike helmet AND used my mountain shoes and pedals on my road bike because I couldn’t afford all of the stuff at once. No pressure, acquire what you can when you can and without putting yourself into debt or getting into financial troubles.

      Match the helmet to the road bike. The secondary color should be the dominant color on the helmet (I ride a red on black bike and sport a red on black helmet). Matching well always looks awesome. Always.

      1. So that would mean a silver helmet which would actually look really sharp, I may have to go with that. But then again, neon pink is slightly tempting, it would make me a rebel but I could do it in under the noble guise of high-vis…

    1. no doubt they’re great shoes . . . but still MB 😀 Road bike shoes are different in various ways for good reasons. Use what u have, but try to have a pair for each bike. Thanks for the comment!

      1. When I win the lottery I’ll get another pair, but having one pair for road, cross and MTB is very convenient. Plus these don’t differ much from their road counter part, both stiff Easton EC90 carbon soles, and other than the addition virbram lugs (and cleat interface) not much difference. Pair them with a Shimano A600s, their Ultegra level road specific pedals, and you have as big of a pedal platform and ground clearance as a typical 3-bolt pedal.

    2. Just thought I’d follow up because apparently I won the lottery. I managed to score a pair of Giro Empires for $77, so I’ll now be able to do a direct comparison to my previous set up. C’dale will get the SPD-SLs and the CX/gravel bike will stay with the SPDs.

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