Making Contact

Okay, so my eyesight is bad. I know that it’s age. What is even worse to me is that I am told to wear “progressive” lenses! Yeah, the old man crap. I know about the corrective surgeries, but most will tell you that it eventually goes back to where you were prior to surgery. So what in the world does this have to do with cycling? Well, everything if you can’t flippin’ see!

When I was in the reading-glasses-only stage, I bought a pair of Dual Eyewear. It was heaven. My computer screen became clear again, and I was back on track. But then . . . I noticed that things ahead of me also had blur to them. Oh crap. Well, what is a man to do? Ignore it, of course. So this continued for a while, and I have stayed with my Duals. Now, it is to the point where i need to do something, so here are my options:

  1. prescription sunglasses
  2. “old man” flip down shades that clip to my prescription eyeglasses
  3. surgery
  4. contacts

First, when looking at prescription sunglasses like Oakley, Tifosi, Smith Optics, and the like, they can land anywhere in the $600-800 range. Guess what? If within a year or so, when you need a new prescription, you’ll need new shades. Plus, there is the hassle of placing the regular glasses in a case and switching to the shades, which is not so bad when cycling, but popping in and out of stores can be a bit a pain in the greater rear-end region.

Second, the “old man” flip downs were a passing thought. I’m not that old yet, not do I think I ever will be . . . NEXT!

Third, the surgery eye has been given much thought. It can technically be covered on insurance if certain parameters are met. The thought of “it may work” is a turn-off. And the thought of having to re-do later on down the road is not pleasant. That cost lands somewhere in the $2000 per eyeball!

Fourth, the thought of sticking my finger in my eye has never appealed to me. My eyes water just thinking about it. But out of the blue my eye doctor calls me about my yearly check-up, and I thought what the heck. I discussed this with him. He gave me a pair of contacts to try and had a lady in the office give me a class on how to gouge myself in the eye. After a half-hour of blood shot eyes and water streaming down my face (NOT tears), I had them in. She was so proud of me, but then she told me to take them out; that was another thirty minutes of going against natural instincts. In the end, I did it. I even placed them back in  . . . eventually. The cool part was that when I walked outside and threw on a pair of regular Costa sunglasses! Shade and sight! It’s a miracle!!!

So, the choice has been made. I will try this and see how it goes. I can only wear them two hours today, four hours tomorrow, six hours the next day, and on and on. So, I’m going to give them a road test tomorrow afternoon, concerned about them drying out in the wind, even with wrap around shades . . . we’ll see.

Bon Vélo


8 thoughts on “Making Contact

  1. MY issue is astigmatism so contacts NOR surgery are options! I can get by right now with just my sunglasses while riding. I have to get out my bifocals to read menus etc. Oh well.

      1. I’m used to it. I can normally read road signs at bicycle speeds!! I have the biggest issues at night. My actual vision is nearly 20-20 or better!

  2. That stinks! I am sure you will get better at eye ball gouging as time goes on. Pretty soon it will be second nature to poke at your pupils!

    My whole family and both sides of my parent’s families have weak eyes. Me and one of my brothers are still holding out though-we have good vision for now, but I am sure it won’t last forever!

  3. My eyesight is improving, which is a pain. Since my childhood I’ve been a speccy, but know I have to take off my specs to read & wear other specs for computer work. Tried varifocal specs & contacts, but neither worked for me. But on the bike I use my ordinary specs. They have large lenses which protect my eyes well and transition lenses that alter with the light, so no need for shades. Not fashionable by any weans but works for me.

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