Just Give Me a Glympse

Between family and riding and writing, I had to let one slide for a bit. Well, the Secondratecyclist is back. I don’t even know if I was even missed, but I want to think that hundreds have wondered what happened. I think I’ll keep that thought in my head. Recently I was introduced to an app called Glimpse. I wanted to give it a full run before I blogged about it. This is truly a good way of keeping you safe while you ride, run, travel, or whatever . . . and it’s free.

How many of you ride alone many times and text your route to your spouse or friend, just in case something happens? Well, you should. Now, instead of that, you can use the Glympse app. It’s very easy to use. I just send a Glympse to my wife (it sends in a text message with a link). She clicks on it an boom, showing my speed, direction, and location.

I know that there are things like this out there, but it’s a very clean working application. I like the fact that YOU are in control of sharing your location and how long you want to be tracked (up to four hours), so you can’t be tracked without knowing. You can download it  here. It’s available for IOS, Android, and Windows. No, I’m not the developer (I wish I were), and I have no stake in it. It’s something good for runners and cyclists alike. It’s all about being safe. Try it and let me know what you think. Bon Vélo!


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