Fill The VOID

This video doesn’t need words . . . if you truly understand cycling.


VOID combines Swedish design heritage with
functionality and performance.
Born out of Swedish road cycling and
created by passionate cyclists with a
background in the technical outdoor industry. 

The Swedish brand have a short history but the people behind it have traveled the road for a while.
The founders felt it was time for a change in the lifestyle industry. Sick and tired of the same old ignorant global strategy forced upon distributors and designers by
corporate brands, they decided it could be done


They have already developed an impressive range of products. Jerseys, tops, jackets, shorts and a nice line of accessories.
I´ve been so lucky to get my hands on their wind jacket in camouflage-design.
The wind jacket is perfect for chilly and crisp days on the bike. I always bring it with me when climbing, because it’s perfect when descending and keeps me protected form the…

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