Allow Me One More Swipe at the Dead Horse

Goofy article

Sometimes I think I get something out of my system and then someone has to say something else. As most of the known world knows, Jordan Spieth won the Masters. Now, the above article pops up on the Internet today. Okay, take just a second to read it. Finished?

First, if Yahoo Sports is this desperate for contributors, where do I sign up for that job? The first article that I would submit would be a comparison article on Bobby Jones and Adam Scott. Who is the better golfer? Adam Scott hits it farther. Adam Scott has his pro card. Adam Scott made more money. Adam Scott is better; after all, Bobby Jones’s best result in the Masters was T13, and Adam Scott won it. Yeah, I know Bobby Jones won 13 majors, but we’ve got to stay focused on the Masters. Yeah, I know Bobby Jones played with real woods with wooden shafts, but I don’t think that factors in. If that article is accepted, I think I’ll write another article comparing apples to Buicks. Apples taste so much better.

After the Masters concluded on Sunday, I was very happy for Jordan Spieth. A very mature young man who understands the word humility and enjoys having fun. I know that television and other forms of media are all about ratings. Continuing the talk about Tiger is getting very old very fast. Phil Mickelson played a wonderful tournament. He’s a gentleman and great golfer, but I guess, in the eyes of the media attention, nice guys don’t draw the ratings. The PGA seemingly wants a guy who always complains of injury constantly, the sun being in his eyes, or screaming G-D or M-F when his drive doesn’t hit the fairway (which is often). The LPGA made a different attempt at ratings and failed miserably with Michelle Wie who finally pulled off a major in 2014, after much of the hype about her had died down.

I am not ignorant to the fact that Tiger played tremendously good golf at one point, but so have many throughout the decades. Since 2009, Tiger’s flame hasn’t reignited . . . even with the gallons and gallons of fuel the media has tossed on it. The effort by Jordan Spieth on Sunday, or for that matter the entire tournament, should be a topic of discussion for a long time, just in light of the records broken and a champion that restates the words Gentlemen’s Game.

5 thoughts on “Allow Me One More Swipe at the Dead Horse

  1. Tiger aside, I am no Phil fan. Whiner in my book. Maybe Spieth can fill the Tiger void, if not, the game will continue to decline in popularity. Say what you will about Tiger, but he opened the sport to a much wider audience than rich white dudes.

    1. True, but that was years and years ago, and it still looks fairly blanc. The viewership for the final round was close to 17.7 million, up 26% from previous years, so maybe it’ll survive without a Tiger in the final pairing. 🙂

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