Like a Meteor Plummeting to the Earth

His fall from grace was sudden and shocking. His throne was the golfing world. He ruled. He dominated. He intimidated. As the years trickled steadily by and the Masters Championship rolls around, we are again reminded of the his heinous. Please don’t make the mistake of thinking that I hold a grudge against any professional athlete who make a mistake. I have a HUGE problem with arrogance. The incident of November 28, 2009 changed it all and left many with their mouths hanging open. What has happened since then? Nothing. Tiger Woods is still a pompous arse.

Contrition is something that is very endearing to humans. If someone is truly repentant after making a mistake, it is highly probable that most of would forgive and move on. It’s the Lances and the Tigers that I find hard to understand. Lance still wants the spotlight; after all, any attention is good attention. Tiger states that it’s not being a good Buddhist that has caused him problems. Well, I got news for Tiger: Your karma is still jacked up.

Now that I am sitting comfortably after a hard ride on my bike and catching up on the Masters, I cannot help but wonder why so many commentators schmooze up to Tiger. The guy can be 12 shots off of the lead, and a commentator will say, after Tiger chips off of the green edge to within 5 feet of the hole, “Oooh, he’s still got it!” What? Even with everything going on with the setting of a course record and Jordan Spieth blasting the field, CBS Sports website is still all over what Tiger is doing . . . Keep up with Tiger’s scorecard, Tiger is back in form, Tiger used the restroom twice this morning! For the love of all things holy, he’s still the arrogant jerk who still spews out a tirade of profanity every time he shanks one and then acts like a two-year old, pouting and blaming the snap of someone’s camera.

Maybe one day, before it’s too late, Tiger will realize that humility is something he should try. He smiles when times are good and is pleasant when he’s played a good round, but is downright nasty if things don’t go his way. I’m not a rabid golf fan, nor do I care if Tiger breaks Jack’s record (won’t happen by the way). I would just like some of the self appointed demi-gods in sports to actually be repentant and humble and remember that they are actually human.

4 thoughts on “Like a Meteor Plummeting to the Earth

  1. Okay fellas, here’s the deal with Tiger… Now, know first, I am a golfer. Before our kids were born, I was good. I’m talking 300+ yard drives, money putts, and scratch scores.

    Tiger, as big a baby as he can be, was so next-level great before his blowup that anyone who knew anything about golf, knew he was something incredible. He made short shots with stunning regularity that even good golfers could only dream of. He was always forty yards longer on his drives than the guys he was paired with. He was absolutely THAT good.

    Now, when they started talking about Jacks records, many of which he has already broken, Nicklaus tried to rain him in a little bit – he tried to let him know that the game is more important than any one man who plays it, that humility is the key to being truly great. He told him, very publicly, that only maintaining that level of play over a very long career would get him to Jack’s record.

    Tiger chose the fast lane and crashed and burned. I, for one, was happy to see it happen too – for exactly the reason you, and Jack mentioned. The Billion Dollar baby put himself before the game. He lacked humility and he is suffering for that. Humility (and true awesomeness) is why Jack Nicklaus is still Jack and Tiger is a train wreck, on and off the course.

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