Little Things in Life (Cycling)

Most of us get so consumed in what we are riding or wearing that we forget the tiny things that make cycling so enjoyable. It was Sir Authur Conan Doyle who wrote, in the Memoirs of Sherlock Homles, “It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important.” Here is a list of little things that I enjoy:

  1. Walking my bike by the saddle
  2. The first post-winter ride with just bibs and a jersey
  3. The flick of my elbow
  4. Circling at the top of the hill, waiting on the others
  5. The coldest beer after the hardest ride
  6. “Nice pull, man.”
  7. Kids stopping what they’re doing to wave at the group ride
  8. Brand new bar tape
  9. That “zone” of the perfect gear when pulling
  10. Riding toward a perfect sunset or sunrise

As our season cranks up, we must not forget to see these things. Life is too short not to enjoy every second of it. Are there any you could add to my list?


23 thoughts on “Little Things in Life (Cycling)

  1. 11. Having entire herds of cow stare quizzically in my direction.
    12. Seeing any kind of wildlife.
    13. Riding through a downpour while feeling like an epic hero.
    14. Coming home, stretching and feeling the satisfaction of a good ride.

  2. 15. A freshly cleaned & oiled chain
    16. Discovering a new, scenic route
    17. Tailwinds & descents
    18. Summiting a long, steep climb with gas left in the tank
    19. New wheels

      1. I know, it surprised me too… I live out in farm country so there are horses and cows and fields everywhere. One day on the way back from a group ride. I had a bit of a tail wind so I was up around 22 mph, making use of it, when I hear this, thud-thud, thud, thud… I look to my left and there’s a full-grown horse in his fenced in area running with me. It was definitely one of the coolest things that I’ve ever witnessed on a bicycle.

  3. A deer running through the woods beside me for 200 yards, a badger trundling down the road toward me, that exquisite sunset light that you sometimes ride towrda, Aghghgh stop me now!!!

  4. Out of curiosity searched my recorded activity diaries:
    16 February 2010: ‘Tuesday run with gang, 4 of us. Deer ran alongside for a while – at 19.9 mph. Cold but clear & coffee at Merry Hatton’ – see – not fast?

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