Just Because*


Sometimes people just stumble upon something. I think that has happened to me. What I have just discovered could save you hundreds in fuel costs over the life of your vehicle!


Recently, I noticed that when I loaded my Cervélo S5 VWD into the bed of my truck and drove to a ride, my truck mileage increased by 11%! The aerodynamics of the Cervélo have been studied and refined to the point where anything it touches becomes more aerodynamic. I passed this information to my friends, none of whom own a Cervélo (bless their heart), but I though I’d be a good friend by sharing; this lead to another discovery.

The new discovery happened when a friend of mine carried a magazine in the front seat of his car that had a picture of a Cervélo on the cover of the magazine. He saw an 8% increase in fuel savings by doing so! Grant it, it’s not the 11% that I had, but then again he doesn’t have the physical bike strapped to his car either. It was at this point where another friend spoke up and said that as long as he thought about a Cervélo when he was driving his car his fuel saving increased by 4%. I thought this was a bit reaching, but who am I to judge? Then I had an idea.

If we are all about being more green and doing what we can to help the environment by not driving as much or driving more fuel efficient cars, why not help everyone in the attempt? A local bike shop had some Cervélo bumper stickers, so I purchased a few for my experiment. After handing them out at a group ride, those who participated saw a increase in their fuel savings! I do what I can to help. The city itself is now considering putting the stickers on all city vehicles! I don’t know how far this will go, maybe it will become a national trend; all of this just because I notice something on the way to a bike ride.

*Of course, none of this is true. I just love my bike. A lot.


8 thoughts on “Just Because*

    1. I could do that to the 5200… No chance on the Venge as it may add 0.00125% of aero but it would detract immensely from its raw awesomeness, on the order of 12.7825%. I love my bike too. 😎

  1. You say non of it is true. but you already exposed the secret to fuel efficiency. I have first hand experience of being more fuel efficient, following a Cervelo, both on a bike and in a car, I see no difference if its on a sticker or on the road.
    And I love my bike too.

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