The Fastest Aero and Light Frames

Germany’s Tour Magazin recently conducted a test to see what was the fastest aero bike on the 2015 market. The test was conducted on a 100 km ride with 2000 feet of elevation gain. The results were interesting, separating some bikes within just micro-seconds of each other.

  • Cervélo S5 VWD DA Di2               4:17:11
  • Merida Reacto Evo CF Team              4:17:34
  • BMC TimeMachine TMR01                4:17:51
  • Giant Propel Advanced SLO               4:18:01
  • Specialized S-Works Venge                 4:18:02
  • Simplon Nexio                                       4:18:06
  • Scott Foil Team Issue                           4:18:18
  • Canyon Aeroad CF                                4:18:29
  • Neil Pryde Alize                                     4:18:45
  • Ridley Noah Fast                                   4:18:52
  • Rose Xeon CW-8800                            4:18:56
  • Storck Aernario                                      4:19:0

So what does all of this say? For the professional cyclist, it could be the difference between a win or second place. For me, it only means that there is not much difference in the high-end bikes. They are all very good bikes to ride . . . very good. Now here’s the kicker: the same test was done on the top light road frames on the market.

  • Cervélo R5 DA                                         4:18:25
  • Neil Pryde Bura S1                                 4:18:33
  • Scott Addict SL                                        4:18:37
  • Canyon Ultimate CF-SLX                    4:18:46
  • Giant TRC Advanced SL                       4:18:48
  • BMC TimeMachine SLR 01                 4:18:54
  • Simplon Pavo Red                                  4:18:57
  • Storck Fascenario 0.6                           4:19:04
  • Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL4              4:19:07
  • Ridley Helium SL                                          4:19:12
  • Rose Xeon CR5 4400                                    4:19:27
  • Merida Scultura CF Team-E                        4:19:42

Isn’t it unusual that most of the light road frames were faster than the “slowest” aero? This begs the question: why did Second-rate Cyclist blog this test information? I really don’t know. I love cycling and bicycles, and I thought it was cool. So there.

9 thoughts on “The Fastest Aero and Light Frames

  1. Oh, and the light frames are a lot lighter than the aero bikes. I’d drop wright if I’d have gone with a similarly equipped Tarmac. It makes sense.

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