Medicating Yourself Healthy

Today there is seemingly medication for everything under the sun. Our televisions are bombarded with commercials telling people to ask if a certain medication is “right” for them. Every since the birth of our children, we have instilled in them that medication is not the answer to every little ache and pain. Millions and millions of people in the world are over medicated as it is. Their bodies have become dependent on the drug to do what their bodies were already designed to do. But let me go ahead and clear something up: nope, I’m not a Christian Science follower. There is a place for medicine, doctors, treatment, and surgery. But medicating for any and every reason only does the opposite, harming your body in the long run.

Any day now, I expect to see a commercial that is something like this: “Do you suffer from gaining weight after eating a 1000 calorie diet? Well, you are not alone. Millions suffer from this dreaded disease. Now, you have to no longer suffer. Stuffurfacia is now available. Talk to your doctor if this medication is right for you. Free yourself to live the life you’ve always wanted.”

Society has chosen to do what is easiest for them. Lower your cholesterol? Take a pill. Problems with dry eye? Take a pill. What about just what you eat and exercising and staying hydrated?  It is crazy, according to the CDC, over 70% of Americans are on one or more prescription drugs. We have found our way into a cycle that is  hard to break. Many people that I try to encourage to do a little bit of exercising tell me that they would, but their knees and back and shoulders and other things hurt too much to do anything like that. I counter with doing something less impactful and in small increments, but the people slough that off with an added your-nuts look their eye. Electric shopping carts. Handicap tags for obesity.   5-minute meals loaded with preservatives. When does it all end? Or does it just get worse and worse?



12 thoughts on “Medicating Yourself Healthy

  1. Worse. much worse…before it get’s better buddy.

    This is a good example of the state of our declining (both in morals and statute) and aging nation. We need a revolution to overthrow the Corporatist-Fascist Banksters who rule the land by proxy through puppet politicians via massive bribery. (aka- lobbying, donations, etc)

    The ‘drug’ problem (the quick fix, the easy way out, no accountability) has become a microscopic view of the West. Lazy, apathetic and disconnected. I don’t see a revolution happening, so, we have to allow the collpase of the West in order for a sea change to be ushered in. I don’t think we’ll see it in our lifetime. But, nonetheless, we are witnessing the slow demise of the U.S. and the entire West.

    While I certainly won’t lead the charge to storm the castle, if there is a real strong and concerted effort, I’ll join in. Until then, I’m riding my bike as much as possible and enjoying the limited, fleeting moments of contentment….

  2. I know folks on both sides of the spectrum; those who pop pills like there is no tomorrow and those who don’t visit a doctor or take antibiotics even when it would probably be wise to do so.

    What we need in medicine is balance and that is the one thing that won’t happen.

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