Le Capitaine

With work and riding, I finally finished the last bit of Cycle of Lies. I’m still amazed at the whole of it . . . but I have had to contemplate all of the players and swirled the thoughts to give birth to this:

The ship was a strong and powerful vessel. It appeared that nothing could stop her. She plowed through waves and rode the currents of success better than any before her. She moved faster than anything in the ocean. The crew enjoyed her power. All of the men lounged around on the deck and watched others scream, sink and ask for help. Nothing doing thought the crew. Why should we stoop to help you and maybe causing one of us to fall in? You should have been better prepared. What a life! To rule the powerful oceans and answer to no one . . .

The tiny little leak was a steady drip at first. It was deep in the hull, way back in the darkest areas of her belly, and the crew heard about the leak.  Ignore it. It will eventually stop. It is probably at the source where the ship was improved for speed. But overtime the leak became more prominent and couldn’t be ignored, so one of the crew members went down to take a look. It was worst than he expected. We could all die! Well, thought the crewman, I know what I will do: jump ship before it becomes real bad. And so he did. The crew eventually got wind of the absent crew member and what had happened. They seemed not to care. The considered him a coward and a little nuts and just carried on with journey on the massive ship.

As the hull became more and more filled with water, the ship rode a little lower in the water. Something was badly wrong. The captain of the ship said the ship was not lower, but the water was just higher. The crew didn’t think the reasoning made any sense; but after all, he was the captain. A few of the crew members noticed that not everyone was standing around the deck. Wait a minute. Where is Tyler? Where is Floyd? 

The captain began spending more and more time alone in his quarters. He would not console his terrified crew, and the water rose higher and higher. Eventually, one by one, the crew left the ship only to be rescued a few months later by smaller boats. But not the captain. When the water breached the door of his cabin, he blamed the ocean for not recognizing whose boat it was consuming. He cursed the wind for not pushing him fast enough. He called for other boats to come to his assistance, but these were the same people who had asked him for help when he was lord of the ocean. No dice.

The ship rests now at the bottom of the ocean. The captain was seen treading water and soon reached a tiny deserted island. It is strange how the captain is still upset with the water and the wind and the leaks and the crew and the ship. Although it is also confusing how most of the crew is now treated like heroes for jumping ship. This only enrages the former captain. Now, alone on the island, the man still cannot bring blame to himself and said that if he had to do it all over again, he’d do the same thing . . . what a shame.


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