Why Some People Just Have to Talk

Isn’t it funny how you have a post planned and you’re working it out in your head, then something just forces you to up the publishing date? You are entering that post. I could not resist the urge.

For a few days I have been reading Cycle of Lies: the fall of Lance Armstrong by Juliet Macur. It is a great read by measure of content and structure and depth of research. I planned on finishing the book and commenting on the contents, but as I got dressed this morning, Monsieur Armstrong is being interviewed on a news channel. My first question: Why? Okay, most of the cycling world knows that this complete and utter definition of an ass is asking for a reduction of his ban. First of all, I don’t care what he wants, and I don’t think most of the world who understands who he is or what he’s about cares that he wants a reduction. During the questions, he was asked if he would dope again. Before the answer, Armstrong gives us the same old routine of throwing his head back as if he is contemplating the question, when we know that he already knew he was going to be asked that question and has rehearsed his answer. He then says that if he were riding today he would not because he doesn’t have to, but to do it all over again in the time period he raced, yes he would.

Some people just have to have attention. Maybe people don’t fully understand Armstrong. I don’t . . . but I have an idea.

It doesn’t matter to Armstrong that he has left a wake of destroyed people in his path. It doesn’t matter that he is still affecting the way his children are going to be viewed in years to come, with the Armstrong name attached to them. It doesn’t matter that hundreds of thousands of people don’t believe in his smug apology to Oprah Winfrey. It only matters that he can be seen and heard. I know that it must absolutely tear him up inside not to be the center of attention and financially broken. The main problem is that he is not, nor will he ever be, humiliated. Humiliation is a depth of consciousnesses that a person reaches and throws him or herself on the mercy of those who he or she has affected and wants nothing in return except forgiveness. Lance Armstrong cannot do this, maybe it’s missing like the way a sociopath serial killer cannot feel any remorse for his victims.

Wait. Don’t start about how much money he has raised for cancer awareness and that he has been through a lot. So have millions of people. Do some “poor man’s research” on Armstrong and/or read some of the latest books on him, and you’ll see that he truly saw his cancer as a money making opportunity and a way to bathe in sympathy of the world while he plunged chemicals into his body and spewed lies all over the world . . . all the while breaking people who got in his way. He is truly a monster.

So here I now beg the media to quit giving this animal any air time. I don’t care what he does or what he wants, and I dare say that the world doesn’t either. He will eventually die a lonely and isolated person because of his own doing. He has used and abused so many people, family and friends, a picture of manipulation and greed and selfishness and ego wrapped in skin.


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