Riding with the King

I just finished the 28th annual Ride with the King in Greenville, Alabama. It’s kind of a kick off to the season/happy birthday to the King of Rock and Roll. The event is put on by East Alabama Cycling and is free to all who wishes to come. This was my first time to participate. There is a 15, 35 and 50 mile route from which a ride can choose that winds of over the Pine Mountain area over various types of road surface, mainly chip seal and smooth pavement. Today the temperature was hovering around 48 degrees with a strong wind gusts (dropping the temperature even more). To add insult to injury, on the last 10 miles it started to drizzle.

I enjoy riding with my friends. Today a few of us from my favorite bike shop, The Bike Pedaler, met at the shop and rode over. The ride started a good clip in the hilly area and after 21 miles we were averaging 23.6 mph. The ride went along well until about mile 40 when I started feeling the effects of not training distance for two+ months. I’ve posted my winter routine and was excited to see what it would do, and I could seriously feel the positive effects of what I was doing. I guess right now, as I write, I’m just frustrated with all of my work and gassing late in the ride. Yeah, the weather sucked, but I think that was a small percentage. I guess it just boils down to the old routine that has stood the test of time: A person gets better on a bike by riding a bike . . . a LOT. Oh, I know that the past three months wasn’t a total waste of time, but I would have bet anyone that I would have destroyed a small ride like that.

I guess you ride and learn. Being 45 years old, I don’t have a ton of time for mistakes.


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