Fear is a Funny Thing

In light of the recent attacks in France, I began to notice the global reaction and focused on how people handle fear.

  • Fear will keep you in hiding.
  • Fear will silence you.
  • Fear will cause you to look away.
  • Fear will keep you from reacting.
  • Fear will break your resilience.
  • Fear will capture your thoughts.
  • Fear will destroy your health.
  • Fear will make false accusations.
  • Fear will influence speeches of no importance.
  • Fear will invade the strongest conviction.
  • Fear will humble a strong nation.

The main weapon of any bully is fear. From the playground to the battlefields of Afghanistan, bullies wield fear like a sword. I was bullied terribly as a child in school  from third grade until ninth grade. I was very small for my age, and bullies don’t take long to find a target. Fear caused me to shy away, to accept pain (mentally and physically), to lose sleep, and keep my gaze on the floor. I have no big story of one day I stood up to the bullies. My family just moved to another city, and that was it. I did learn during those years, when I moved to my new school, how to nip it in the bud from start. It boils down to this: bullies don’t like strength, mentally or physically. They will move on to a more soft target.

Watching the reaction to the media, I see a terrible problem with the tragedy in France: silence. Sure, there is plenty of reporting on the incident, but the talk is directed more to what the paper could have done to prevent this! Wait, what? Just because three packages of garbage wrapped in skin decide to kill people because of their opinion doesn’t mean that the media bends to the will of the bullies. It should be just the opposite. The modern, global bullies want the media to shut their collective mouths and never say anything negative about them again. Now, is the time to make an example. Show the world that peaceful people will NOT tolerate being bullied. Send a clear message: if you do something destructive to our society, we will react and it will NOT be pleasant for you or the people with whom you associate. We don’t care if you hide in a church, wrapped in the banner of religion. We will hunt you and make an example of you.

I don’t care for trying to understand bullies. I don’t give a crap how they feel or why they do what they do. They understand one thing: strength. The thrive on one thing: fear. The world must stop being a victim.

4 thoughts on “Fear is a Funny Thing

  1. What I want to know is how did those Muslim terrorists get those “high-powered FULLY AUTOMATIC assault rifles” in FRANCE? They have laws prohibiting pea shooters for God’s sake! Proof positive, if it was still needed for the flat-earthers… The only one’s who have guns with prohibition are the cops and the crooks. Everyone else? Lambs to the slaughter. It’s sickening.

    1. I can add no more to that, Jim. Well said! At least I know that I’m not alone. You wouldn’t believe the response I get when I post about Sagan compared to terrorists killings . . . head in sand.

  2. I’ve been following the French press on this during the week and there does seem to be quite an uplifting communal decision not to give in to fear; large gatherings in city centres, very public displays of solidarity from people in power with an anti-establishment magazine, the whole #jesuischarlie thing, Libération newspaper offering office space to Charlie Hebdo so they can continue to publish, artists offering to donate cartoons to the next edition – an awful lot of quite moving positive emotion and a very strong determination not to give in to terror

    1. Absolutely! I am pleased that all three are dead and the fourth is being hunted. The reaction since I posted has been in the right direction, with even more cartoons coming out all over the world and a solid showing of unity. Thanks, NB!

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