So Much Talent . . . But What is His Role?

Watching this video for the first time, I must comment on what questions it caused me to consider. First of all, there is NO doubt that Peter Sagan is one the best on bike. I thoroughly enjoy his care-free attitude and relaxed demeanor, displaying the appearance of a genuinely nice guy. I understand the Sagan is just learning English, so it is hard to determine his “depth of understanding” when he struggles to answer basic questions in an interview . . . the way I would probably sound in a French interview. All of this leads me to wonder what he thinks of his role in Tinkoff.

Alberto Contador, Ivan Basso, Rafal Majka, Michael Rogers . . . okay, money can buy happiness. It can also cause a lot of confusion and grief. Where will Bjarne Riis place Sagan in the big GC races? Will Sagan have the same role as he did with Cannondale? Will he be satisfied to win the sprints or hold the role of a very well-paid domestique? There is a TON of ego on that team. Yep, money can solve hurt feelings, but for many, I’m sure, it’s not about more money as much as it is being considered the best. This year could be interesting when it comes to Tinkoff-Saxo.

7 thoughts on “So Much Talent . . . But What is His Role?

  1. Yep, a lot of ego on the team, a lot of ego running the team…

    Should certainly be an interesting year for Sagan and co. What is his role? What, beyond class clown you mean?

    You’ve gotta love him!

  2. I think part of his role is to bring a LOT of publicity to the team! 😉 Maybe they will aim to boss the TdF with a solid GC leader and Sagan gunning for the sprint jersey? A couple of one-day wins? There’s no doubting he is a very talented and skilful rider who doesn’t take himself too seriously. It’s a nice change in the pro peloton.

  3. A really good friend of mine is now the head coach of that team and will be coaching Sagan directly. He previously coached at Sky where he coached Ritchie and Chris to great success. Last year, he was largely responsible for Mick Rogers’ resurgence. Yes, there will be some egos to consider, but I am confident that my friend will get it done.

    1. That’s great to hear, DC! I really like Sagan, not taking himself that serious while at the same time being a very serious rider. I’ve never heard him asked in an interview, but I wonder what HE thinks his job is . . . an incredible domestique, a semi-sort of leader, a team sprinter and nothing more?

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