The secret of going fast

Rollers are on my next order of business.



The secret of being fast. As revealed by Evelyn Nurse, aged 7, currently in her second cyclo-cross season.

Dad, I know we Cian is so fast.  <Cian is 8 and current boys U8 Welsh cross champ>

Oh, you do?


Go on then.

It’s the rolos.

The Rolos?

Yes. The rolos. He’s on them before the races.


Josh is fast too. And he’s on the rolos as well.

rolos Rolos

So there you have it. The rolos. I nipping around the corner shop to buy up their entire supply.

I daren’t show Evelyn this video of Rochelle Gilmore (team Wiggle-Honda) on the rollers. A little way to go yet. Cycle poster available via Fine Art America here.

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5 thoughts on “The secret of going fast

      1. I was talking about passing yourself through a bike tire. I’ve seen plenty of cool tricks on rollers, even saw a woman cook an omlet while riding… That tire trick was kinda “meh” though.

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