No More Games

In recent light of breaking news this morning where children were slaughtered in Pakistan and the act claimed by the Taliban, I must write. It is at this point, should you choose not to read the post, that I warn you that it is a rant . . . but a rant that must be written, to heck with the PC police.

Before I begin, let me be clear that I am well aware of our involvement with helping the Taliban back in the day when they were fighting the Russians in Afghanistan and of our propping up radical murderers like Osama Bin Laden. Just like our hugging up to Stalin during World War II. It’s not the first time, nor will it be the last I’m sure. But that is not why I’m writing.

The “War on Terror” begin after September 2001 and suppose to be an all-out war on the scum of the earth who call themselves jihadists. And the years roll on. Billions of dollars spent. Thousands of soldiers die. What do we have to show for it? A few dead radical leaders and few more imprisoned at Guantanamo? Oh, wait. We release a few of the top dirt bags, so that a coward deserter could enjoy coming “home,” even though we have a Marine in a Mexican prison that has been given a second thought. But I digress.

Being a military veteran myself, I understand a part that makes the mission very difficult: fighting cowards who have no uniform and no standing army who blend in with civilians and could care less if innocent people die is a huge part. War is ugly. But it is a necessity to those who know nothing else but force and aggression. This is where mistakes are made, by allowing non-military personnel (politicians) to make critical decisions and pander the enemy. I do not claim to be a military mastermind who can solve all of the problems associated with the current issues in the Middle East, but I do know that the mission is not for the faint of heart. It is at this point that most people, who either don’t understand the military and what they do or would rather not know, need to look away.

Back to non-military personnel being involved, how many wars has the United States, and countries aligned with her, won since World War II? During this time in history, great military commanders were given task of accomplishing a mission against TWO standing armies, and many of the tactics implemented to win the European and Pacific theaters would not be tolerated today because of the mollycoddling media and over sensitive politicians with an agenda and no spine . . . I say again, NO spine. Today, when an idiot holds hostages in Australia and demands an ISIS flag to go with his other jihad flag, no one wants to mention the word Muslim or terrorist. He is just deemed a nut. When an radical at Fort Hood shoots up a mess hall, it is deemed a work-related incident. When a U.S. embassy is attacked in Benghazi, it is blamed on a Youtube video and “T” word has nothing to do with it. And on and on and on . . .

The first step is calling a spade a spade. We do NOT negotiate with terrorists and actually hold to the statement. We do NOT allow some ISIS piece of garbage to offer to trade the body of a beheaded journalist back to his family for a million dollars. We set up the trade and shoot the dealers in the head and return the body to the family. Terrorist know one thing: fear. It is the life blood of what they do. Killing dozens of children in a school in Pakistan is an implementation of fear. If they’ll do this, what else would they do? Oh my gosh, they’re crazy and scary. No, they are cowards who need to truly understand what fear really is. We cannot get nervous when the nastiness of war comes about. Too many people get mushy and sad when someone mentions the fact that terrorists have been tortured for information. Well, let me be perfectly clear: I would easily take a pair of bolt cutters to a terrorist’s fingers, if it meant saving the lives of innocent children who were just trying to go to school. And by the way, if left to metastasize, the terrorists acts in Pakistan will be in American schools in due time . . . our borders are now a great funnel for it. We had a slight taste of it in 2001. Do we forget that quickly?

In the mid-1940s, allied forces defeated and rid the world of a terrorist and a terrorist organization, Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party. We need to understand that the allied forces defeated Germany, Italy, and Japan almost 70 years ago and still occupy those countries with multiple military bases. The United States and Great Britain alone had more than 80,000 military casualties in four years of non-stop fighting! Yes, with today’s technology, we can trim that number significantly, but we need to understand that death is inevitable in war. It will not be quick. We will have to stay and occupy those countries to prevent or stunt any more growth. Training their army to do it alone is a a lesson we should have learned from the Iraq pullout where now billions of dollars and lives will now have to be spent to re-occupy what we already had. Soldiers, marines, airmen, and sailors know exactly what they signed up to do. Vietnam is a lesson in what not to do, as politicians used our military as pawns, implementing ridiculous rules of engagement and fire and no-fire zones and respecting the holidays of the enemy. I completely understand that we cannot police the world, but we may have allowed too much time to pass, as factions of the enemy seem to sprout up more and more. The cancer must be cut out at the source. Every single malignant cell. We must act now. Terrorists must be terminated with extreme prejudice. Countries need to band together with one common goal. It if you are not with us,  then you are considered in support of the enemy.

6 thoughts on “No More Games

  1. You know, for a minute there I stopped carrying my pistol. I still have a hard time carrying and justifying that with God. It’s slim to no chance I’d ever need it but after seeing that frickin’ whack-job in Australia, I’m back to packing heat. Piss on ’em. Better have it and not need it.

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