The Beauty of Bikes (or insert any generic title)

This week has been a refreshing need in my cycling life. Mostly overcast skies, cold wind, darkness by 5:45 PM, and the dreaded trainer have placed me into a funk. Always does. I love it too much to stay away though. Here are three things that gave me a deep draw of fresh air in my lungs:

1. Walking into my local bike shop, the owner Mike Kendrick said, “Hey man, I’ve got something for you to see. It just came in.” Mike went into the back and came out with a fresh-from-the-box Dogma F8 frame. I am a Cervelo guy, but it’s like saying that a Ferrari is cooler than a Lamborghini or Porsche. They are all beautiful cars with a touch of something unique. This F8 frame was so light that I though Mike hadn’t let go of it when he handed it to me. It was like holding a work of art. I ask him to give me a second, as I sat down on a shop stool and admired the work. Ahhhhhh, fresh air.

2. Saving up for a bit, I purchased a training bike. It is a Masi Alare with a 105 group and Mavic hoops. It has an aluminum frame with a carbon fork and perfect for the pounding of the trainer and training rides. The bike is practically brand new, and I paid $600 for it. My Cervelo S5 can avoid the abuse and stay ready for racing, centuries, and seasonal group rides. Ahhhhhh, fresh air.

3. Walking into CrossFit on Monday night, the box owner Craig Stahl (yes, the player from the Detroit Red Wings) came up to me. He stated that he ran into a guy that he knows who knows me. He then proceeded to tell me that the man thinks the world of me as a cyclist and a person. He told Craig that it is known all over town how good I am on the bike (news to me), but that I care about people and really want to help others love cycling and do their best. The guy went on to say that he has seen me stay with someone to encourage them when he knows I could have easily ridden away. Craig made a big deal about it, as we talked. I must admit that it was very uplifting, even though I don’t do things for accolades. Ahhhhhh, another breath of fresh air.

2 thoughts on “The Beauty of Bikes (or insert any generic title)

  1. Gotta love the trainer bikes man. One of the guys I ride with accused me of having my Venge detailed because it was so clean… That’s exactly the fresh air you were describing. Nice post man.

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