What Would You Do?

You are Sir Bradley Wiggins. You were treated like garbage last year by team Sky, chiefly the ignorant team manager Dave Brailsford. Your contract with Sky ends this year. You are given two options: Saxo-Tinkoff wants to give you a huge contract worth millions of dollars for your name to be associated with the team and to work solely as a domestique. At the same time, a smaller team (always in the showing of the Tour) offers you a far smaller contract to be the team leader. At the same time, Sky sends word to you that they are willing to sit down and discuss a new contract.


13 thoughts on “What Would You Do?

  1. He has plans for the track in Rio and has some work to do for that. Sky will give him loads of money anyway and may actually give him the time that he needs to be awesome again on the track. He’ll need it too-the Kiwis are on fire at the moment…

  2. Brailsford.and Sky are much to my dismay, represent the typical corporate cock-up. I am stunned that the upper management at Sky TV have allowed Sir Douchebag Brailsford to remain there. He is a poor manager at best, then throw in his utterly ridiculous and out of line comments about the Scottish vote (which was rigged btw) and you have one typical arrogant, out of touch, pontificating blowhard. Wiggo probably won’t agree to be a domestique, but staying with Sky doesn’t seem like a good option either. Tough call.

  3. First, my dad’s greatest lesson in money: If they’re willing to give you the cash now, you were worth it before so why didn’t they pay you what you were worth? Move along.

    Second, Wiggo has had great success already, one could argue one of the better seasons in cycling history.

    Considering that, I’d take the cash and retire comfortably.

    Now, this is based purely on ignorance – I don’t know what Wiggo’s cash situation is like, so I’m looking at this through my eyes and with my own retirement plans in mind. In other words, I’m Bradley through Jim’s eyes.

  4. Hmm, the Sky plan, apart from Froome, was always about Wiggins after he won the T d F. He was going to put back on some weight so as to compete in Rio on the track, mean time he started his own team bringing new talent onto the scene sponsored by Sky, Pinerello, Jaguar cars and Rapha, all sorted and agreed by Brailsford. His contract and fee, was extended by 3 months so that he could do a classic and this is someone who you think has been badly treated.

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