Serving Two Masters

As the weather cools and the winds pick up in my tiny part of the globe, I am slowly bringing my “off season” training back into play . . . CrossFit. During the late spring, summer, and early fall, I ride five days a week (180-200ish miles a week). In the colder months, I still ride but only two days a week and CrossFit the other three. Like I mentioned, I am currently riding four and doing the “Hero WOD” on Fridays. But once again, in the transition period, something is amiss.

I feel that it is critical that I get in some serious strength training during the colder months to prepare for the next year. It is during this transition period where I bog. This past Friday was the “Willy” WOD (see below). I thought I did fairly well for not being a straight CrossFitter (29:11 [RX on all but front squat]), and the next morning I went straight into my Saturday group ride (55 miles at an average pace of 23 mph). I could feel my legs screaming at me during the ride, but I pushed through and kept the tempo high. I could tell that my climbing suffered a bit, but no biggie . . . until . . . late Saturday evening. My legs felt as if they had been severely beaten with a baseball bat, leaving me to hobble around the house. Sunday was worse. Monday was out. I had nothing. Now, today, as I am writing this, I am still tender. A pretty hard ride is coming this afternoon. I’ll work through it. The soreness will leave, but I know Friday is acoming. And the cycle starts again.

Eventually, I’ll be into the full cold months work out routine. I cannot switch to full on CrossFit or cycling right now. The weather is too perfect. I know that I need to slowly bring my weight training into play; but wow, it is brutal. I am currently keeping the weight lighter at the moment, and that has helped somewhat. I plan on hammering my legs during the off season to add more power, while keeping my cardio at peak. One guy, who no longer rides (turned full-on CrossFit), told me that I cannot serve two masters. I know, but I’ve read too many articles from pros and the like who say that weight training in the off season is critical . . . sooooooo?

3 Rounds
800m Run
5 Front Squat 225/135
200m Run
11 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups
400m Run
12 KBS 71/55


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