Mind-numbingly Ridiculous

First photos of George Clooney’s wedding!

Look who has a baby bump!

What is Ben Affleck’s parenting style?

What can help Amanda Bynes?

Who was sent home on Dancing with the Stars?

Princess Kate has morning sickness!

. . . And on and on and on this goes. Xenocentrism is the preference for the products, styles, or ideas of someone else’s culture rather than of one’s own. It has also been described as the natural tendencies of an individual to place disproportionate worth upon the values and beliefs of one’s own culture relative to others. Why do human beings do this? Magazines and newspapers are gobbled up in the check out lines in groceries stores, and the E television station is at its highest viewing rate to date.

Why would someone need to know what is in Hilary Swank’s purse? Have we as a society become that idiotic? Has Paris Hilton ever given a care what I am doing? A known psychologist  said that it is a fantasy lifestyle that the average person will never get to enjoy and do so vicariously. Maybe, because in talking to a friend in a group ride the other day, I posed the question to him. He made a good point. If a person was not the most popular in high school or the rich kid with the new sports car, he did the same thing as a child that he is now doing an adult: He hangs on that person’s every word, he wonders what it would be like to be in that position and would do almost anything to be like that. One thing that I find almost comical, if not at the same time sad, is when almost anyone is asked if they would exchange lives with a particular celebrity the answer is many times no; that is generally followed by statements such as things don’t make you happy, money doesn’t buy happiness, I bet they are miserable on the inside, etc.

In an article “The Irresistible Charlie Sheen” by Jacob Weisberg, the author makes a point that I never considered: “Celebrities may serve as surrogates for gods or heroes. Not long ago, I re-read The Odyssey and was struck by how much Homer’s gods resembled tabloid stars. Self-centered and vain, they go on drunken rampages, cheat on their partners, break promises, and demand constant adoration. The big difference is that the Greeks held them in awe, as opposed to the mixture of awe and contempt with which we regard most celebs.” Weisberg also sites a book, The Image, published in 1962 by Daniel Boorstin: Celebrity “journalism” is not only diabolically popular but cheap to produce, which explains why People is America’s most profitable magazine. To become a celebrity requires no talent beyond what Boorstin described as the ability “to get into the news and stay there.”

Does Beyonce’s blouse accidentally pop open? Do Jennifer Lawrence’s photos leak out by mistake? How did a Sheen sex video make out to the general public? The answer: any news is good news . . . and it’s free publicity. The disgust on Jennifer Lawrence’s face and her shock is ridiculously fake in itself . . . hey, I’ve got a suggestion, Jennifer. If you don’t want them out in the public, don’t take them. Just look in the mirror when you get out of the shower, and you can actually see yourself nude without using your cell phone. But then again, that is probably not enough attention for you.

The indirect and direct worship of glamorous people will always be. I am just frustrated at the level of excitement over the most trivial stuff, when there are hundreds of thousands of people who do extraordinary things without a moments notice: a teacher who visits a sick student at home at night to keep her on schedule even though the student is set to pass away two months after graduation, a man who delivers food (paid by him) to the homeless every morning before he goes to work, a family who gives up giving each other gifts at Christmas to give to family who will have no Christmas, and on and on. Sure, some of those stories and splashed here and there in the news, but it is nothing compared to Brad Pitt’s new tattoo.


4 thoughts on “Mind-numbingly Ridiculous

  1. I share your views and I absolutely loath these star gazers. I’ll even state that those who truly idolize TV/Movie actors and actresses are partially responsible for the very real dumbing down of the world, not just this nation. I’ll even say that those who worship and idolize sports figures are no better. Hey, I am a fan of cycling, F1, MotoGP, Football, etc. But I certainly don’t idolize athletes as demi-gods or someone who is above anyone else. The man or woman who is working their ass off, maybe even two jobs just to survive deserves more accolades than some prima-donna athlete or self absorbed actor. I say F ’em, F ’em all. I could care less who is wearing what, who has what tattoo or who is engaged. I do know one thing, man or woman, when they sit on the bowl, they shite like you and I. Hopefully they’re wiping their pampered arses…

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