Do I Really Need to Say It?

Anyone who has not been under a rock knows who the leader of the Tour de France is. Today Nibali stupefied any naysayers. The stoic face on a crushing HC climb displayed a champion image. No, I know that the race isn’t over, but this was a beautiful performance by the maillot jaune. I am sure that if you are reading this blog you know what’s coming next. Yes, I would like to say again how much of an idiot Sky boss David Brailsford is.
I called it. I argued with others on my group rides, after they continued to say that Richie Porte was in second and hasn’t been able to show what is under the hood yet. Today the hood was up. Porte exploded. I am not anti-Porte. I am anti-pathedic leadership. For FAILSford to put Sky’s future on Richie Porte was ridiculous. Today, Bob Roll finally blasted the decision not to bring Bradley Wiggins. I’ve looked on the Internet to see what the British papers were saying about this, but I can’t find much. After today’s stage, the papers might not be as silent. Oh, I did find an article where Sir David is bashing a former rider for Sky . . . if he points the finger at other people then no one will look at him. Right?


2 thoughts on “Do I Really Need to Say It?

  1. That was a bummer how Richie fell apart like that. On the other hand, Nibali was pure awesome.

    When you’re right you’re right though. Good call.

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