Funny but Absolutely True

In my quest to learn another language, it has come to my attention that many who want to learn a new language have not perfected their first language. Here are five of the top grammatical errors I see (and hear) all of the time:

  1. It’s means it is. It’s is NOT a possessive pronoun.
  2. Commas and periods ALWAYS go inside of quotation marks . . . always. Exclamation points and question marks are a different rule.
  3. The verb must agree with the subject of the sentence NOT the predicate nominative.
  4. Affect is a verb. Effect is a noun.
  5. Don’t is a plural verb. Doesn’t is a singular verb. This has a lot to do with #3.



12 thoughts on “Funny but Absolutely True

    1. Yep, a ton of people do just that. In truth, I did too. For a while when I was about to use the contraction, I just said the sentence in my head with “it is” to noticed how it sounded. Thanks for the comment!

      1. Surprised that you didn’t pick up on “should of” (my pet peeve) instead of what is correct – should’ve short for “should have”

  1. I LOVE this song – it completely resonated with me and is so true. It brings attention – though in a humorous manner – to a very real problem in today’s society.

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