We Are All Excited, However . . .

Someone may question my last few posts and wonder if I am a person who is constantly griping about something. Sure, I have been a bit miffed at the way Bradley Wiggins was treated (even though I have no dog in the fight, per se). Forgive me ahead of time, but I have been given something else. I have written about people wearing team jerseys before. To say the least, it is one of my pet peeves . . . being that 9 out of 10 cyclists who wear them do NOT need to wear a team jersey, if you know what I mean. There is something about a medium Garmin Sharp jersey stretched over a rather large torso that just screams no, no, no. So today, some cyclists take it up a notch.

As my daughter and I walk into a casual sandwich shop downtown, I cannot help but notice two road bikes leaned against front of the store. This is not unusual, but what was inside almost made me black out. Maybe I did black out for a second. To say the least, I am avid fan of the cycling and the Tour de France. The history, the characters, the bikes, the crashes, the nerves, the climbs, the sprints, the weather, and the sheer determination are things of which I sit and watch in awe and admiration. So when I walk into sandwich shop, you must understand that I take it personally (although I know I shouldn’t) when what do my eyes behold? Two people bellied up to the counter wearing “official” Tour de France maillots jaunes. I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. Once, I think I even glanced around the room to see if anyone was seeing what I was seeing. Okay, I understand you want to buy one and frame it for the man cave or, even better, buy one and have it signed by a man who actually earned the right to wear the jersey. Wait. I know. Many of you are saying that it’s their right to wear whatever they want to wear and of course I can’t argue with that, but it is the principle of the thing. A man earns the right to wear those special jerseys. It would be the same thing as buying a huge, leather golf bag and having my name sewn on it, as if I were playing in the PGA, or buying a huge plaque with a large gold baseball glove in the center of it. There are certain things that are reserved for those who have earned it. Maybe I am way off base, but I guess it just shows how much respect I have for the sport of cycling. I respect its traditions and am honored to take part in such a beautifully painful and wonderful sport.

What say you?


5 thoughts on “We Are All Excited, However . . .

  1. I agree. I wear plain riding stuff and didn’t get the reasons why people might wear a replica shirt. Until last week that is… I joined a group ride to see stage 3 and one of the guys was wearing the red “BigMat” team outfit – he’s big and his name is Matt and explained that when he saw it, he just had to have it!!! This taught me a lesson-there’s always a history behind these things so next time I see someone other than Sagan in Green or Nibali et al in Yellow, I’m gonna ask them how they came by it. You never know, there may be some interesting stuff out there…

  2. Brother, I rode with the German National Champ last year at a century ride in Fenton, Mi – right down to his socks (who knew a National Champ, from Germany, in MICHIGAN!). Anywho, 65 miles in, after pulling for two miles at 20-21 mph, we pulled into a rest stop and he was so wiped out that he slipped on the asphalt because he came in too hot and taco’d my buddy’s rear wheel, knocking him out of the ride. It was a hoot.

    Anyone who rides team kit without being in a team, or one of the TdF jerseys, is a poseur and a loser. Period.

    The only exception to the rule is throwbacks.

      1. A couple of off-handed remarks. I was just shedding my noob button so I kept my mouth shut. The guy was mortified at what he’d done and paid for the new wheel so we cut him some slack for being stand-up about it.

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