I’ll Get Down in a Minute . . .

Once I am on a soapbox it is hard for me to step down. The six stage of the Tour de France started with second guesses of Team Sky director Dave Brailsford. Many are ranting at the stupidity of Sky’s management. The simple question is this: Is a team better having two Tour de France champions on the team or just one? Should we carry a backup quarterback to the Superbowl or not? Na. If the quarterback goes down, just have the punter play quarterback.

The ultimate deciding factor of piss-poor leadership is when a bad decision is made is to actually support the bad decision as something that was good. Allow me to let Brailsford give a perfect example of this: “I have no regrets – we picked a team to win, we believed Chris could win, and there was no hangover from the crash at the Dauphiné,”said Dave Brailsford. “He looked as good, if not a little bit better, than he was last year.”

Now what Dave? Hey, what about letting David Beckham lead Team Sky next year? Let’s look at why this would be a good decision. Beckham breaths oxygen. He can see out of both eyes. He is married. He can more than likely ride a bicycle. Doesn’t allowing Beckham to lead Team Sky make as much sense as leaving Sir Bradley Wiggins at home?


2 thoughts on “I’ll Get Down in a Minute . . .

    1. I believe (no way to prove it) that he and Brailsford had words or something. Brailsford’s personal feelings got involved of what he wanted other than what was good for Sky. Poor leadership. I am a Garmin Sharpe man so . . . 🙂

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