Good call, Sky!

Finally, after writing two blogs about this subject (Wiggo vs. Cav and To Be or Not to Be ), the evidence is now perfectly clear how ridiculous the Sky team decision makers are. After Chris Froome wrecked on Stage 4, I could see it unfolding. The Pavé was next. I reblogged an article and predicted a game changer for the entire Tour de France. Now, the moment has come. Where is Sky now? Allow me to answer that for you. They are OUT. No, don’t point to Richie Porte and say that he’ll take over. It will not happen. As much as people refuse to believe that top-level cycling is a team sport, it very much IS a team sport. Now, Sky has some awesome linemen without a quarterback or even a back up . . . or for my European friends, they have great defensive backs but have no strikers! All eggs in one basket?

When the decision was made to keep Wiggins out because he and Froome might not get along, it was the most asinine thought process in many years. Now, you have a phenomenal bike racer sitting at the house with his gin and tonic and a team who has no decisive leader. Why? Well . . . because Chris Froome and Bradley Wiggins might not get along. Whether he will admit it or not, I can bet that Sir Wiggins is laughing his butt off right now and shaking his head at the ignorance of what USE TO BE the most dominate team in cycling. Let us take a look back to only a couple of months ago and see what the director had to say on the subject:

“The way Froome rode last year, he’s definitely it — it’s Froome for the Tour,” Kurt Asle Arvesen said. “Bradley will be there to support Froome – if he wants to go, if he’s selected and if he’s in good form.”

Well, you didn’t select him, Kurt. You made a decision that handed the title, that Sky had for two years running, over to another team. I am not a Sky fan at all, but when it affects cycling or causes cycling to look petty it bothers me. Even though I have been outspoken on the subject, I could care less whether Froome or Sky did anything this year, but the fact that one of the best riders is at home trimming his beard instead of riding in the Tour is ludicrous. I also wonder why I don’t receive more comments on this subject, whether they are negative or positive . . . especially from my English friends.

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