She’s a Beauty and a Beast


One of the joys of having a daughter is displaying to her the qualities of a good and decent man in her life. I have always believed that demonstrating the type of man you would like for her to one day marry is a large part of being a father. The relationship between a father and daughter can be very tough at times. I am still, to this day, learning to be patient. One minute we are riding down the road and talking, and the next minute she’s tearing up and doesn’t want to talk about “it.” I wait ten minutes and just drive. I know that I have to be patient with the “its” that come around from time to time. Sometimes “it” is a young man. Sometimes “it” is a friend who said something hurtful. And sometimes “it” is a mystery. Someone once wrote that the depths of a woman’s heart is full of secrets and mystery. There are no bounds to love. There are no conditions to love. Love is an action verb; it is not a noun. Love is a display, not just something mentioned in passing.

My angel just graduated high school and headed on to college. She’s a young woman. My role is shifting. I understand that years change things, but my love for my family is constant and relentless. It was just a couple of days ago that Hannah and I went to a local firing range. I watched her have fun, hammering targets, and noticed the woman that she is becoming. I am proud of her in so many ways that I often make the mistake of assuming that she knows. I guess the most difficult part is not treating her as my little girl . . . she reminds me often that she isn’t anymore, with a giggle. I want to protect her and guide her, but I do know that all of that will only make her weak. I want her to be a woman that finds a young man who completes her, not one who has to carry her. Her individuality is crucial in the making of a strong woman. It is with great pleasure that I am seeing a kind, loving, caring, and sweet young lady with whom no man should assume he can run over.


8 thoughts on “She’s a Beauty and a Beast

      1. I think you pretty much have the right idea! You have to balance the little girl with the budding women. It’s a tough task! It does get easier, but like everything else, time- is both your foe and your friend!

  1. I feel the same. My oldest is 21 going into her Sr year in college. Her boyfriend is a nice guy/man and I have been able to spend time with him and have good conversations.
    My youngest is 18 and heading off to college soon. She is bright and knows how to think for her self. I have to avoid calling her “baby girl” because she is now a young lady. 😉 ;(

  2. It’s refreshing to hear a man (Father) put forth an effort to understand a growing young women(daughter). Most men don’t listen with their hearts only what they see and/or hear from the felmale gender. Harmones roll through our bodies like huge tidal waves. Getting words to describe the experience is often over-shadowed by emotions

    It’s great that you understand most girls will marry someone similar to their Fathers. You won’t know what kind of man you are until you are walking her down the isle to the another man in her life. Protect her…love her…then support her. She will bless your soxs off!

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