Very Cool Update

Today I stood in a parking lot getting everything ready for my long, individual ride of the week. In addition to keeping up with my ride information on my bike computer, I also opened an app on my Windows phone: CycloMeter. This is not a new app. It has been around a while and is the only one available to me (albeit others are pouring in all of the time to the store), since Strava doesn’t have an app for a Windows phone. I’ve never really worshipped at the alter of Strava, but CycloMeter does a good enough job.

As I was waiting for the app to load, it stated that it needed an update . . . grrrrrr, so I waited. It didn’t take long, and I headed out. During the ride, I kept hearing a female voice behind me. I turned my head away from the wind and listened. The CycloMeter was giving me audio updates of the ride! It wasn’t an annoying blah, blah, blah every five seconds. It popped in during times when terrain or speed or a route change. The audio updates gave really cool data while I rode, almost like having a coach riding with me:

“You are ahead of your pace from the last time you rode this route.”

“You have ridden 93 minutes and burned 1,283 calories.”

“You are 7 minutes ahead of your former pace with an average speed of 21.2 mph.”

These updates while I rode are something I really liked. Maybe some people wouldn’t like it, but I thought it was awesome! The audio continues to update, even if the phone goes to sleep, preserving your battery life. Of course, the rides are saved in the app and used for your records and the updates of future rides.


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