Red Handed

A recent article discusses using bait bikes as a thief deterrent. San Francisco started using these GPS equipped bikes to find thieves, but also make the thief wonder if a bike is a bait bike in the first place. With the rise of bicycle thief, it is a great idea and should be implemented more. I know that Edinburgh Cycle Chic has made a previous post about an incident and Cycle Stuff just added a post about the problem. In particular, Cycle Stuff used the term low-life. I could not agree more. I am always dumbfounded with the mind set of any low-life thief. Why take the property of someone else? Children hungry and steal a loaf of bread? It is understandable and even justifiable. But in these cases, the thief has one goal of reselling the bike for money. I don’t care if it is a rake in my yard, a piece of patio furniture, or my Cervelo S5 VWD . . . I worked and made the money and bought the stuff. God forbid that I ever come up on someone stealing my property. I think I’d lose my mind for a brief period of time. “No, your honor, I don’t remember what I did. I blacked out in a rage. Snapped, if you will.”

I was a victim of theft when I was in college, and it still bothers me to think about it. A low-life broke into my truck and stole some motor oil and other oddities, but it was MY motor oil and MY oddities. My father recently had his car stolen while he was attending church. Yes, you read correctly. He was in church, and a low-life stole my dad’s car out of the church parking lot! It was found late that afternoon. All of the gas was driven out of it, and the car was completely stripped, including his floor mats and University of Alabama alumni tag off of the front bumper! No one was ever caught.

With the amount of prison space being less and less, most thieves know that the risk is worth it. IF they are caught, the odds of any jail time are good. Most will get a court summons and probably not show up. It only takes a second for a “good” thief to take your bicycle and other personal stuff. Be mindful. Don’t assume anything. Most people don’t insure their bikes, and when it is gone, it is gone. Take the time to secure it well and remove the things that can be removed easily. Remember: even if you make it a little more difficult that normal, a thief will move to an easier target.


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