More Pressing Issues

A few days ago, fifty United States senators came together to urge the NFL to change the name of the Washington Redskins. Led by Maria Cantwell (D), all of the other Democrat senators who affixed their name to a letter and sent it to Roger Goodell demanded a name change. But is this really about Native Americans? Not so fast.

With a huge list of pressing issues on the agenda . . . no, wait. Let’s take a look at parts of what should matter:

Veterans Assistance Care (or lack there of)

Chinese warships attacking and using force to control neighboring seas.

Warming of Russian and Chinese relationship

Obamacare mandates bankrupting states ($36,000 per worker to employers)

Keystone Pipeline

Automobile parts price-fixing

One word: Benghazi

Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi STILL being held in Mexico

Illegal immigration

and on and on and on and on and on . . .

So, why would United States senators focus on changing a football team name? Public records of campaign donations 2012-2013 show the Washington Redskins’ organization giving 97% of campaign donations to Republican candidates. It’s just simply following the money.  Well, if this is just based on being offensive, why not change the name of Kansas Jayhawks? No, why not? In 1861, the “Jayhawkers” were a Kansas brigade led by Jim Lane who swooped into the town of Osceola, Missouri (pop. 2,500), looting and burning and murdering the citizens of the town. When all was said and done, only 200 citizens survived. Wait. What about the Notre Dame “Fighting Irish”? Their mascot is a leprechaun with flaming red hair, decked in all green and pointed shoes. Is that not offensive to the Irish? Oh, it doesn’t stop there. Why not change the name of the state of Oklahoma? The word is Native American for “red people.” That surely demands a letter! What about the Orangemen of Syracuse? Google it. Even a local high school in my town is the Red Devils. Yeah, but that means horns and pitchfork right? Nope. They were named the Red Devils from the Native Americans who lived on the Chattahoochee River in Columbus, Georgia.  There are over eleven high schools in the United States who use “Savages” as their mascot. And let’s not forget about the Kansas City Chiefs who play at Arrowhead Stadium and whose mascot rides a horse named “Warpaint.” And who can’t resist the lovable smile of the Cleveland Indians’ mascot Chief Wahoo?! 

All that being said, I will ask it again. Why would United States senators key in on the Redskins? I’ve got an idea. Let’s form a new committee and call it Mascot Affairs. Senators can meet and discuss and write letters every week to teams and towns who have mascots that might be offensive to somebody somewhere. It appears that they have nothing better to do. Money is a strong motivator in United States politics. It is quite comical and sad when you follow a trail of money to see what issues are pressing in our nation’s capital. Ever ask yourself why in the world our government is worried about a certain issue? Follow the money. The race card is a powerful tool to get what you want.


5 thoughts on “More Pressing Issues

  1. Spot on mate. I like your analysis. Follow the money indeed.
    Great site btw-

    It’s all about DEFLECTION and DISTRACTION. While the Tyrants and Oligarchs destroy our freedoms. About two years ago, I finally awoke out of the STATIST sleep…and realized that BOTH parties are corrupted criminal scumbags. I now vote independent and Libertarian. Tough I don’t pin myself down as being of any one ideology. I really have disdain for government, especially the US government, now one of the most corrupt in the world.


  2. It seems to me that you are presenting a bit of a straw man argument here. Should Congress be involved in this issue? Absolutely not. Is there likely money involved? Most certainly (but there is also quite a bit of money involved in wanting to keep the name as well).

    But just because the motives of some in Congress are questionable, does not mean that the name of the Washington football team is not offensive. You name a host of teams with questionable names. Should they be changed? Probably. [By the way, Syracuse is no longer the Orangemen (they changed the name to “the Orange” in 2004).]

    Many in the Native American community claim that the name of the Washington team is a racial slur. Who am I to say that they are wrong? If there were a team out there called the “Orientals” (my wife is Asian and finds the term extremely offensive), for example (there are far worse examples, but I choose not to enumerate them), would it not make sense to re-examine the name?

    1. To answer you last question, yes I would not appose it. I am only looking at WHY they are doing it. With so many things on the table right now, why would these fifty be so concerned with this? I am just tired of the government avoiding big things and focusing on things that aren’t. Yes, the name change will cost the owner more than 10 million, but it is privately owned. He has the right to name it anything he wants. By the way, there is a high school in Washington state with the same mascot (93% Native American) who protested AGAINST a name change to the school board. It’s just a big can of worms. My focus was mainly on big government being involved in things that isn’t any of their business. Thank you for the comment though. 🙂

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