Sprinter to GC Champion . . . continued

I posted a blog earlier today, placing my thoughts about the larger potential of Peter Sagan. Is it possible for a “labeled” cyclist to win a “big one”? Yes, but he must reinvent himself. How is the next question.

Many may not know the name Laurent Jalabert. He is the proof that a cyclist can break the mold. Starting out with Toshiba in the late 80’s, Jalabert was a sprinter. He stayed in that category until the mid 90’s when he was involved in a horrible crash in the Tour de France . . . then everything changed. Winning the green jersey more than once (sound familiar?) in the TdF and the polka dot jersey in the TdF, the evolution was taking place. With the exception of Merckx and Rominger, Jalabert is the only rider to with the “triple crown” in a GC at Vuelta a Spaña, holding the wins in general, sprinter, and climbing.

Peter Sagan has the potential to do the same thing. The youth is still in his legs. The power is obviously there. What can he do now to make a statement? Climb. Sagan must become a good climber to be an overall contender. As stated in the previous blog, there seemed to be a hint of wanting more in Paris Roubaix. Is he happy with the sprinter label? I’ve scoured the Internet looking for any comments that he might have on the subject, but to no avail. It would be a tough question to ask. Peter, we know your an awesome sprinter, but can you give us more?



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