S.A.G. Vehicle

I have never had to use the Support And Gear vehicle before, but it is a huge possibility in a coming event. Centuries and sportives are cool, but I want to go to something different. May 31 and June 1st will be that something new.

Recently I have been invited (an honor in itself) on a 248 mile ride that ends in Mexico Beach, Florida. In two stages, we will ride 140 miles on the first day and 108 the second day. I’m kind of nervous thinking about it, but I know that it is something that I have to do . . . for whatever reason. I have always wanted to do back-to-back 100+ mile stages, just to get a very small feel of what it must feel like to ride in a professional race. I have been informed that certain vehicles are assigned to riders for bottles and assistance . . . another cool thing. What about radios? The dude just smiled and said, “We’re not there, yet.”

In all of the excitement, something deep down is whispering that word failure.

“Hey, I can ride,” I reply to myself.

The voice snickers, “Are you sure? You’ve never gone that hard that long before? I’m just saying what if.”

“Shut up,” I reply.

The snicker again. “We’ll see.”

In all honesty, I don’t know how I would handle a failure (I’m speaking as though it is a possibility) . . .  of course anything is possible, but it would be devastating. I train very hard. I feel as strong as I have ever been on a bike, but the butterflies are still there. Someone once told me that when the butterflies are there anymore then it is time to move on. It is in me to not quit anything I start. It always has been. The way I look at it is that I will need serious medical attention before I load my bike up prior to the finish. I’ve even wavered on the invitation and thought of some pretty good excuses, but I really think that it is something that I must prove to myself. My non-riding friends and family think I’m nuts, except my wife. She tells me to go for it. I think I will.



14 thoughts on “S.A.G. Vehicle

  1. Brother, I can help with the melon committee (sounds like only one member in your case – lucky you). That “tape” you’re playing is the problem, we both know that. The problem is that your trek will be a mental deal. When I have a member out of line, until the day of, I give him the STFU treatment. Day of, I kick his ass. That smile I write about from time to time, that’s me smackin’ dat ass. You’re going to excel brother. I know it. In fact, smack him on the ass once for me too.

  2. Good luck with that ride. I’m actually doing another double century tomorrow, Devil’s Mountain Double, 206 miles, and 18,000+ feet climbing, so I know what it’s like. As long as you have the endurance training, you should be ok. Just keep those pedals cranking, and not worry about the speed, or the distance. Try not to look at the distance, as sometimes, it can be a bit demoralizing.

    Good luck.

  3. I think the loudest voice in your head will turn out to be the one telling you this is an opportunity too far good to miss, and as the rain clouds come down below the treetops outside my window right now I wish I could come over and ride to Florida with you

  4. You’ll be fine. Just keep pedaling. Mile 80-100 is went I usually need to mentally straighten myself out. After that, it’s all fun and games!

      1. Well…technically the first day for me. Anytime I hit that mileage, I am usually a wreck mentally.

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