Tick Freakin’ Tock

To wear the maglia rosa  . . . People like me can dream extremely big. Call me nuts (many do), but I have lain in bed and thought of being in the peloton of one of the big ones (well, anyone of them really). The images are clear as crystal. I am sitting and cranking along side the likes of Tom Danielson, Rui Costa, Peter Sagan, Marcel Kittel, Fabian Cancellara, Philippe Gilbert, and on and on. I would have included Chris Horner, but he was just injured so I just texted him and told him that we need to get together sometime after the Giro and to get well soon. Crazy imagination? Some of you know what I am talking about.

The Giro is right around the corner. Of course, 99% of the people with whom I work have no idea what it is . . . one guy said a new submarine sandwich at Subway. It is really hard for me to contain my excitement. No doubt, it equals the excitement of when the Tour de France begins. The weather, the climbing, the grinding, the courage, and the shear determination make the Giro one of the greatest, if not THE greatest, bicycle race on the planet.  

Tick Tock.


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