Top Ten Reasons Not to Do Your Share of the Work

Hanging Back Sports Illustrated
Hanging Back
Sports Illustrated

As promised, I will address the “that other guy” in the group. He has nice bike, wears all the right stuff, water bottles topped off, and a jersey full of food. He’s nice guy with whom anyone can have a good conversation, but there is a slight problem . . .

Here are the top ten reasons why “that guy” will not do his share of the work in a group ride:

  1. Rode hard and solo the day before and legs need the rest
  2. Hears a noise in the bottom bracket . . . no, wait. It’s the rear derailleur. Or is it?  . . . hold on
  3. Bibs need a quick adjustment
  4. Chaffing
  5. My riding up front slows the whole group down
  6. Garmin won’t sync.
  7. Too thin to pull . . . more of a climber
  8. Pre-ride meal not agreeing with system
  9. Need to talk to so-and-so about an issue
  10. This banana peel will not cooperate

Just shut up and pedal. There are a hundred more excuses out there. But if eight are in the group, and two are doing most of the work . . . what’s the point in eight? Suffering is part of the greater good. It makes the drift to the back all that more rewarding. I personally like my drift back, taking a pull on my bottle, and hearing the words “good pull, Scotty.”


4 thoughts on “Top Ten Reasons Not to Do Your Share of the Work

  1. haha i was blasting in to a headwind hating life on my way home today and a fellow cyclist came up one my left and passed me, so i took a much needed opportunity to draft behind him and catch my breath for about a mile and a half, he was riding an older aluminum LeMond and was kicking ass riding in just short and a t-shirt, i decided to pull ahead and repay the favor but i think he was a bit inexperienced and thought i was cutting him off and he passed me a minute later, oh well but it was fun while it lasted

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