To a Point of Exhaustion

The Pistons (Pintrest)
  The Pistons

Warning: whining ahead . . .

I know that cycling has its ups and downs. Sunday I was down. I finished a 105 km ride with nothing left. Pushing and pushing my body when it wasn’t willing to give is so discouraging. I train. I hill repeat. I complete distance and sprint intervals. I ride alone and with a group. I ride when it’s nice and when it’s not. I give adequate time to rest and riding and cross training.

Working so hard at something and having a day like I had on Sunday can bring a rider to the point of picking up his bike and throwing it off a cliff or leave it on a railroad track for the next train. I could almost tell within the first 30 km that something was up: heart rate elevated, legs not responding to my demands, respiration through the roof. I’ve been doing this long enough to know that it was something I did or didn’t do, as far as sleep, hydration, food, etc.

I plopped down last night and watched my DVR of The Tour of Oman. It motivates me to a point, but I’m still disgusted. When I invest, I expect a return. It’s as simple as that. The group I was riding with Sunday is overall better than I am; that is why I’m riding with them. To be completely honest, I’ve even dropped to a group where I was the best rider to give myself a boost of confidence . . . sad, I know. I have been in this spot before. I’ll get over it. In the world of cycling there is no one to blame but yourself. Soon, I’ll transition from pity party to anger and take it out on a ride.

Thanks for giving me an ear.


7 thoughts on “To a Point of Exhaustion

  1. Brother, bad rides happen, even to sacred pistons there. I happen to LOVE off days, when I know my legs are toast. Those are the days I get to cruise, enjoy the scenery and a nice bike ride, no worries. Oh I miss those… Spring is almost here, spring is almost here…

    1. Have you ever been out on an “easy” spin, just enjoying life, and someone go whizzing by you? . . . it’s like a challenge! haha! But I understand what you’re saying. Thanks for encouragement, my friend.

      1. Yes I have, yes it is, and yes I responded and alas, yup I got schooled. And then I went back to my easy ride.

        My pleasure brother.

  2. I’ve had this happen while running. Heart rate way to high for the pace I’m running. Lead legs. Usually means I’m sick. I use my heart rate monitor as my RPM guage. When I’me revving too high, I know something is wrong.
    It’s always temporary. The next run is almost always better. Your next ride will probably be great.

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