Is It Location or Overall Interest?

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Covering many miles a week in and around my area, I fail to see very many women on road bikes. Whoa, stop right there. I am not some drooling stalker out looking for women. It is just very noticeable. Sure, there are the free spirits on their touring bikes with a basket and an iPod, but there aren’t any out there who really ride. I am just a curious person about various things, and this caught my attention.

Before I begin this paragraph, let me add a caveat that could help bail me out from the start: one of my bachelor’s degrees is in kinesiology, so I’m not shooting from the hip. What perplexes me about the lack of women on bikes is what the bike mainly targets. The “storage areas” of women, in general, is in the hips and legs. So much attention is paid to slimming that area and asking numerous times if a particular dress accentuates that area, that I am lead to question why not attack that specific area? Going to the local gym and attending a Yoga class, palettes, or believing some junk that Sharon Osbourne is peddling isn’t going to do the trick.

Any human, despite gender, must build muscle to burn more fat. On average, a pound of muscle at rest will consume between 5-7 calories; whereas, the same amount of fat consumes 2-3 calories. CrossFit is only other thing that I have experienced that is close enough to honing in on a target area with a balanced combination of strength and cardiovascular training. I know there are more things out there, and these are two things I do personally, but I am still curious. Maybe it’s the initial expense or simply that certain women don’t prefer riding bikes as much as men, but I think it’s an untapped resource in my little area of the world.

I’ll ask for you: Why do you care? I don’t really know. I am interested in helping others accomplish their goals and become more healthy. I also see and read of the billions of dollars that are wasted every year on fad diets and junk you sprinkle on food and water weight cutters that I could scream. Women also shy away from “building muscle” because they don’t want to look like a man, which is ridiculous. A female has different hormones than a man, and unless she is injecting male hormones, she will look like a very much like a sleek and toned female with a decent combination of weight and cardiovascular training.

This started off about the bike, but I believe that it evolved into a better blog because there is just so much misinformation out there. I just wish that I could help everyone understand. No, being fit and toned and healthy is not easy; if it were then everyone would be. It takes time out of your day. It take being dedicated to a lifestyle, not a couple of weeks or avoiding one cupcake at the office party. And when it comes to doing anything in life, if it’s too good to be true . . . well, you know.

2 thoughts on “Is It Location or Overall Interest?

  1. Largely I’ve found women aren’t interested in the competition that road cycling brings.

    Also a big factor is time; they’d simply prefer to use their time doing other stuff.

    Finally for a lot of cyclists, the sport is a social thing. You’re more likely to see them in club sessions than cycling solo.

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