Bridging the Gap

During this time of year, there are spurts of sunshine that warm a cyclist just enough so that he longs for more and is constantly scanning the DVR for new races . . . even though he knows there is a “gap” during this time of year. So we ride and watch Youtube videos of teams to get a fix.

I personally don’t care if it’s a team sponsored by feminine products. I don’t care if I can’t name a single rider on the team. I just want to see it in some form of it. The professional ranks are so far ahead of me that I am infinitesimal in the rear view mirror, but I am still cranking the pedals and loving it.

A sudden rise in temperature in my part of the world has given me a need to bridge the gap even more. Yesterday, I rode with a group and accomplished some really good hill training. I’m again today. The rain is  headed back in at the end of this week and the temperatures are falling, so I’m going to burn it until I am forced back inside. The Cycleops will be waiting. 


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