Sprinting and Descending Like an Animal

. . . some say he was avoiding a USADA subpoena. Some say that he was eating Nutella and drinking Duvel while sleeping in a barn at the base of the Koppenberg.

Riding a Cervelo S5 is so incredible. The bike is a bit more “twitchy” than I’m used to because of my adaptation, over the past three years, to the entry-level Trek Madone 3.1. The ride is also a bit stiffer, but the response to a command is absolutely immediate. Moving from the Shimano 105 group to the Di2 group is like moving from a Corvette to a Ferrari, making the shifting easier but also more convenient in that I shift more often (especially when I’m tired). I feel no difference in the area of climbing, not that it sucks but I feel no big jump like I do in other areas. Using an 11/25 Di2 cassette with a 53 Rotor crank won’t make anyone into the next Quintana (not that I’ll ever be), but I don’t think that the Cervelo S5 was built as a “climber.” Without the immediate response of someone saying that it’s a placebo effect, I will confirm that there is something that is noticeable from the start: sprinting, pacing, and descending. This bike demands that you ride it hard. It is a pure race bike. Cervelo claims to add 150+watts to a rider’s performance with just a transition to the S5. Obviously, I’m not a pro nor do I play one on T.V., but the from first time I rode this bike I have increased 2-3 mph on my average. The bike has forced me to work on my “aero-ness” to benefit from its aero advantages. When I’m better at my part, it’s better at its part. Sure, that is the way it is with most bikes, but you’d have to ride this bike to truly understand what I’m trying to explain.

So why would I show a video that doesn’t have the S5 at the top? It’s in the top three. . . . the top three of all bike brands in that tier. In all actuality, run these same three bikes with different riders down the same descent over the course of a week and you’ll probably get three different results. On a different note, isn’t it funny how I use to follow everything to do with Radio Shack and now it’s nothing but Garmin Sharp? Not a bandwagon guy, I just feel that Cervelo is such a complete bicycle. I did a ton of research before stumbling over this bike (click here to read how I did it). The “brain bike” is phenomenal in design and function.


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