My Secret Obsession

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Preparing to ride on a daily basis takes up enough time as it is. Most of my time is lost standing in my closet. Why does it bother me so much to make sure everything matches? This is an obsession of mine that think is ridiculous, so you don’t have to comment and tell me. I can’t help it. Or maybe I can, I just don’t want to at the moment. OCD? Most definitely. Who cares if the bike is gray and blue and you’re wearing a bright red helmet and kit, as long as you’re fast and strong, right?

Every since I bought my new bike, everything is off. Believe me. I know that I should be ecstatic with my new ride (and I am . . . very much so), but all of my stuff is red and black from my last bike. This time I’m going to buy a helmet and shoes that will match in a neutral way. This sounds nuts I know. Is there any truth to  . . . look better, feel better, ride better? No, I’m not a team kit wearer; that is one of my peeves. I just like to at least look like I know what I’m doing.

What say you?


12 thoughts on “My Secret Obsession

  1. I’m the same way! When was I was preparing for my first triathlon, I tried three different tri suits. And one of the deciding factors was not just comfort/practicality, but also that it matched my bike 😮

  2. there’s nowt wrong with wanting to look good on your bike. if you feel good and look good you ride good and what’s the sense of a smart bike and mismatched gear – bella in sella and all that…

  3. “who cares … as long as you’re fast and strong, right?” Sprinters are notorious for mismatching colors and patterns, often deliberately. You might be amused at their (lack of) taste, but then they laugh out loud as they leave you with dust on your lenses. Me, I might have gotten old and slow, but I can still look pro. It just adds to my enjoyment of the sport. The easiest way to do this, and I have practiced this approach for more than 20 years, is a) have a neutral color bike with minimal graphics, black saddle, black tape and black tires, b) wear solid black shorts, c) black shoes, and d) have a neutral color helmet. If you stick to those points, you can wear any jersey any day of the week, even the wildest tie-die model. You will save time getting kitted up and always look pro. Just don’t fall over when you’re trying to do a track stand at a stop light.

  4. 100% with you my friend. It’s up to people like us to keep standards up. Cycling is about aesthetics as well as speed, strength and everything else, and making sure you look good on the bike is absolutely the right way to be.

    Look better, feel better, ride better?

    Absolutely, if you feel like you look quick, you’ve got half a chance of being quick. Keep up the good work 😉

    1. Yes, this is great article. I remember reading it when you posted it; and as a matter of fact, I think I began following you after this one. You’re right. We all look goofy in a way. I’m stuck on the color coordination part! 🙂

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