Cracked Crank


Still working on the unveiling of my new S5, of course, I have to put my bar tape on it. At my local bike shop (Ride on Bikes in Columbus, Georgia), Byron (a phenomenal mechanic) helped me route my Di2 wires to help my bars look “clean” when I tape it. Yes, I tape my own bars. In doing so, I just ask a simple a question: hey, Byron, why does my crank feel sluggish? Well, that was like throwing a zebra leg into a lion’s den. The next thing I know, he’s diving in. Well, the problem was with a BBright bearing on the drive train side. Byron said that because of their shape and weight shaving ability they wear out quickly. Replaced. Done. Right? As my detail-driven friend inspects everything else . . . BAM! I hear a tirade of language and look to what he is pointing out: cracked crank arm on the non-drive side! Now, I’m on the phone with the bike shop manager at the shop where I purchased the bike two hours north of us.

Andy is one of the best guys you’ll ever meet. He manages Multi-sport Bikes in Montgomery, Alabama. When I told Andy of the crank arm, he was legitimately blown away. I know this by his response. Andy immediately wanted pictures to send to Rotor and promised to have a Rotor crankset in the mail the next morning. Now, I didn’t know how Andy could out-do himself, but he did. The first thing the next morning, I received a text from Andy saying that he was on his way to my house with the crankset . . . remember that is two hours away. I am now in possession of the new crank and having it installed tomorrow morning.

Service like that is dying. I said that to Andy as he was leaving my home. Andy made a statement that left me thinking. He said, “You know, Scotty, I just want to do the best job I can at the job I love. That is the problem: People don’t have pride in what they do anymore.”

You’re so right, my friend.

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