It Finally Happened to Me

I couldn’t quite make out what the man said on the other end of the line. It was as if I were calling my grandmother during the holidays in 1979. I didn’t want to lose the call because of the importance of subject matter. My search had taken months. I didn’t want to sound anxious. Stay calm, Scotty. Steady your breathing, man, and hold your tone at maybe you’re interested and maybe you’re not. I took a breath.

“Could you please say that again?”

“Sure. It is a Cervélo S5 VWD with Dura-”

Dropped call.

Steady, now. Don’t spike your cell phone into the floor. Just call the man back. 

Once we re-connected, the call was crystal clear. It was true. The owner of a bike shop, two hours from my house, wanted to part with his bike because Trek was sending him a new ride. I asked for the description again, and I heard correctly: 2013 Cervélo S5 VWD frame-up build, Rotor crank, full Dura-ace Di2 group, 3T stem and bar, and a Selle Italia Flite saddle. Because I am a school teacher, price is always a concern. Saving for a long time, I knew my limit. As the description was relayed, I could feel my stomach knotting up. The man asked if this was a bike I would like? I took another breath before I answered yes. My knowledge of bikes was resonating a cash register sound in my brain every time he added something else to the description. Could I talk him down?  Or maybe I could talk about poor school teachers riding entry-level bikes their whole life. Maybe I could work week ends at the shop or tutor his kids! But in the end, I still had to pose the question.

“What are you asking?”

He paused and exhaled, “Man, it’s a really, really nice bike. This is an exact build to a Garmin Sharp bike. I tell you what I’ll . . . hold on a minute, could I call you right back. Sorry.”

“Sure. No problem.”

Are you kidding me?! Oh my goodness! What if someone just walked up with a wad of cash while he was describing it?! What if the–my cellphone rings. I let it jingle twice before answering.

“Yeah, sorry about that. Like I was saying, I’ll sell it to you for $3000, but that is firm. Being a road bike, it doesn’t have many miles because I’m more of a tri-guy.”

Until the man asked me if I was still there, I really didn’t realize how long I had sat in silence or maybe I had blacked out. There has to be a catch. So I arranged to come see him in two days and asked him to call me if someone else approached him about the bike. Two. Long. Days.

Walking through the doors of the shop, I told the manager who I was. I have to admit I was a bit surly, having driven all that way for a bike that had a catch. He smiled, waving his hand to a corner near the mechanics’ station, “There she is.”

Upon first glance, I thought I heard angels break into a hallelujah chorus. Flawless. With a soft light bouncing off of the aero frame and spilling onto the electronic group, I inspected the bike like a prized stallion. The test ride was incredible. This bike is fast. Really fast. My Design Profile wheel set accepted the Dura-ace cassette without a hitch; and, with all of the paperwork perfect, I paid the man before I woke from such an wonderful dream. I have often thought of owning a bike that lands in the 10k price range, drooling over the upper-end bikes that usually sit alone in at the local bike shop window, but never thought it could become reality. It was just meant to be. I am blessed and so very thankful. So without further adieu . . .

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