Thinking on the Ride

We all spend countless hours on the bike, just riding and thinking. Music? Sure. But our thoughts drift around various subjects from family to national and global problems. Albert Einstein purportedly thought of the Theory of Relativity while riding his bike. Pretty cool. But as I rode for the past couple of days, I could not help but think about how the media, especially in the United States, has lionized Nelson Mandela. Many do not know enough about history. Many just gobble up whatever the media places in front of them. And now I must write.

Ask most people and they will tell you that the reason Mandela was in prison was because of his color or that he was fighting racism, jailed for his “beliefs.” We must remember what telling parts of truth is called. Nelson Mandela, the Soviet-backed revolutionary, was imprisoned, among other things, for terrorism and sabotage. This “peaceful” man was the co-founder of the African National Congress. Besides having the open support of leaders like Qaddafi and Castro, most of the known world considered the ANC a communist-supported terrorist organization and invented a terror tactic called “necklacing,” a special way of soaking a tire in gasoline and lighting it on fire while it is placed around the victim’s neck.

Right before the South African Apartheid surrendered to global pressure, the Western world had a different point of view on the ANC. British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher condemned the organization, and President Ronald Reagan placed the ANC on an American terrorist watch list in 1980. The ANC was not removed from that list until 2008. Ironically, Mandela received multiple “peace prizes” upon his release in 1990. Check out this video of the peaceful Mandela singing with Communist leaders about killing the “whites.” It is strange that a huge number of “neckless” wearing victims were people of color.


Freedom fighter often comes up in this type of conversation. I understand that throughout history there have been people who used violence as a means of gaining momentum over oppression, i.e. the American Revolution, but a revolutionary leader must be very careful with whom he sides. Why were China, Russia, and Cuba so interested in the Mandela movement? Did their hearts go out to the oppressed people of South Africa? No answer needed. Dr. R.J. Rummel, in his book Death by Government, explains what he calls “democide.” Millions of people have been slaughtered under the title of “liberation.” A significant number of those that were slaughtered took place in Africa by those same forces of liberation. Even now, the ANC is preparing to unleash a Communist-style genocide campaign in the “Rainbow Nation” against the remaining white population that will surely also be directed against Indians, Chinese, and millions of blacks. Take some of the United States own terrorists who claimed to be killing in the name of a particular hatred or belief: James Kopp and Scott Roeder killed abortion doctors, while Roeder worked under the banner of The Army of God. Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols killed dozens and dozens of people, believing that the United States was attacking their own citizens’ personal liberties. Nidal Malik Hasan opened fire at Fort Hood in the name of his beliefs, fully supported by terrorist organizations in the Middle East.

America embraces heroes. Our nation was built and is protected by heroes to this day, but we are forgetting the beliefs of our Republic. I must say that I fully agree with those who chose not to lower the American flag to half staff. We cannot blindly accept the propaganda that swirls around so often. Think for yourself, and don’t be a nation of “sheeple.”

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